Rambling of a bookish girl ..

When you read a book you feel like your drowning  deep into the life of characters ,everything becomes alive around you, the pages turned into a 3D  animation. . It’s amazing , exiting and wonderful to know a world where everything is possible , where you can be a princess,  a pirate , a millionaire and even a socialist . It’s a world ‘a world of readers “lovers of book” . 

It’s overwhelming,  when someone asks you what you like in this book and then you go on depicting every single thing . 

And dumb rolls ;  if you have a social account  purely dedicated to your live of books . Then congrats your allowed in world of bookloves . 
Being a book lover is gift  itself why? Because you know every thing.

Here’s a quote which encourages you to read more and more … 

Hobby is not small 

If your passionate about it 

You will definitely 

achieve something big 

Happy reading my lovelies ^-^