school ties by Sahana Rudra BOOK REVIEW

Book description Welcome to Westford, Connecticut, a town with cotillions, elite clubs and just enough drama to spice everything up. Ingrid Addison, a high society girl with difficult parents, wants out of the life assigned to her. When she receives her acceptance letter to the Crissborne Williams School, one of the most exclusive private schoolsContinue reading “school ties by Sahana Rudra BOOK REVIEW”

rameyon girl by Nethra A BOOK REVIEW

Book description One afternoon, Lee Jung-Su, a star at the peak of his career meets Meena at a ramyeon shop, and thenceforth things take a turn. He gradually grows to like her, but encounters racism first-hand as he falls for the Indian girl. Celebrities don’t have it easy, especially not in South Korea. His freshContinue reading “rameyon girl by Nethra A BOOK REVIEW”