Book review- The trishul killer by Himanshu Goel (free on kindle )

Book description

Someone is killing the rapists and sexual assault perpetrators who had escaped the grasp of the society. The victims are found brutalized and branded with a Trishul on their chest, the media has dubbed the murderer as The Trishul Killer. Can Sonia Rana, the star inspector catch the killer before he claims his next victim?

Whewโ€ฆ What a book. I finished the book in just 20 minute , and loved every minute of it. This is one of those short book which will leave your mind fuzzy.

The writing was swift paced the chapters were short and snappy. Every chapter pushed me get into the next. I could feel a strange craving being built in me to get to the killer.

A rapist murder + traditional weapon + question on public safety + question on police work + more murder +same method = serial killer + trishul killer.

Every single thing is bizarre not like that happened in today life . What is the reason behind it ? Did someone just want to vanish all evilness from this world or is it just sick pleasure?

What is the real reason behind it.

I absoulety enjoyed everything about this book book from author narration to book cover. There is not a single thing which I dnt liked.

This is story about a serial murder happening in city and speicial weapon used is trishul. And what is most intresting thing here is it’s not just murder it’s murder of rapistist .

Fast paced suspense with a writing style that gripped me, this was easily the fastest book read.

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