Dating Jia by Krupa Somani [ Book review]


There is an old phrase, ‘If you want to get over a man, get under another.’ Two years after breaking up with her boyfriend, Jia downloads a dating app to meet men. Somewhere deep down, she is hoping to find someone who is great in the sack and likes her just as much. After all, she is that next-door, hot, sassy girl every man wants! She sets out on her quest.

About the Author:

The author is a believer in love, with quite an interesting young perspective. She takes a witty outlook in the new age world, dating experiences around for her friends to laugh and reflect. With a comic flair in her writing and detailing, she is the perfect mouth piece of today’s young women.

This is no doubt a sweet and refreshing Young Adult Contemporary set in Mumbai, where Aaryan and Jia met through an accident .It was like a fate that both of them meet and things start happening.I loved Aaryan and Jia, both as individual characters and as a couple. Jia is fierce and outspoken whereas Aaryan is calm and mature , and they balance eachother so well.

This is an adorable, funny and flat out fun read. I’m going to leave this short and sweet. Everyone needs to experience it without too many hints. Just know the writing is superb, the characters are going to have you love and hate them, and you will get swept away in this story!!

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