Magical winter readathon chapter 4

So my last read is very short just 1 hour read obviously because it’s short stories by Jeffery Archer.

So for next chapter I have been given 1 dare but it’s not like dare and 1 pompt

Done on twitter

This prompt is difficult for me I don’t know what to choose there are lot of books with a bird or wing creature . But finally I choose this. I just hope I could finish it because I really want to read it for a long time .

Have you read the book? Are you familiar with the author’s work?

Let’s chat at the comments below!

Until next time..Bookriot xx

Happy reading

Author Alphabet reading challenge

Hello so everyone know this year I am trying to read as much as book as I can and for that I am going to participate in various challenges . And when I saw this challenge I feel like why not try this also .So here I am trying my luck .

Goal: Going from A – Z, and using authors’ first or last names, read the alphabet. For “X” and “Z” you may use authors with those hard to find letters in their names. Unless, of course, you’re a ‘purist.’
Yes, you may use an author twice, once with their first name, and again with their last.

Duration: You set the pace.
You may read in any order, start at any time of the year. You may ‘back date’ to the 1st of January, if you desire. You may treat it as a yearly from start date (going from August to July), or try and finished before the start of a new year. Totally up to you.

Please note: There is another challenge that is yearly (not “open-ended”) that is posted here.

A. –

B. –
C. –
D. –
E. –

F. –
G. –
H. –
I. –
J. –

K. –
L. –

M. –
N. –

O. –
P. –
Q. –
R. –

S. –

T. –
U. –
V. –
W. –
X. –
Y. –

Z. –

I will update it slowly slowly . And link back review also .