Top ten 2019 read

Hey everyone

So I think this year start with downfall , first my devastating break up , after that I have been diagnosed with pulmonary perural tuberculosis, my health is deteriorated a lot , I am not good physically and neither mentally , i cannot give my test for research programme for which I have been working my butt off . I was devastated nothing is going my way .

I am thankful for God who gave me motivations , my mom who who helped me with everything even bathing . I cried a lot thinking why this happening to me why . But now I think back that’s what motivated me to achieve big thing in my life that’s is to be happy .

I am also thankful of my friends who helped me mentally telling me everything will be fine , don’t worry . Be strong those words I could never forget in my life .

So yes this year gave me lessons which makes me for who I am today .

I sucessfully read 76 books this year most of them which I read after September. I started to have control.over my life now which I don’t have when I am in relation . I am trying to focus on myself a lot now . And most importantly I AM HAPPY . I AM FREE.

So yup that’s my life . So let’s dig into my top 10 books of this year in no particular order πŸ’œ

Have you read the book? Are you familiar with the author’s work?

Let’s chat at the comments below!

Until next time..Bookriot xx

Happy reading

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