The quiet you carry by Nikki Barthelmess #bookreview


This is very sad story it’s similar like my last read forbidden love but a more disgusted relationship shown here . It shows how a dad can twist words just to get what he want . He is sick . And he needs some treatment .

I cried a lot in whole story , Victoria is such a sweet girl she lost various things in her life first her mom died because of cancer when she is just 12 year old , then his father started to behave differently being drunk , crying over and over again because his wife left her and after 1 year or so he got a new girlfriend Tiffany .

Till now Victoria think everything is fine but is it really? His dad start to give more attention to her rather than her wife and this created problem . One day something happen he tried to force her and Tiffany saw that . To make everything okay he put all blame to Victoria who at that time is shaken .

She was sent to foster home , even after this his dad don’t stop , he started to do same thing to Sarah. But Alas you know this saying you can’t keep bad things in secret that’s what happen here also .

To know more about how Victoria did and what her life after that read this amazing heart breaking book .

This is real story from foster home .

This breaks my heart more when I read this line at the back of the book .

According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, in 2016 (the most recent year research was available as of this writing), there were 437,465 children in the United States foster care system. Victoria’s story is one story. The Quiet You Carry isn’t meant to serve as a one-size-fits all narrative about what it’s like to be in foster care. I hope to see many, many more books with foster kid protagonists because there are so many different experiences. Reader, no matter what you’re going through or have gone through, I hope you realize you aren’t alone. You are not the thing that has or continues to hurt you. You matter. You are worthy of love. You are more than enough. If you are a current or former foster youth looking for community, I encourage you to check out the resources on the following pages. I can’t thank you enough for reading The Quiet You Carry and coming along on this journey with me. Sharing this story with you is my dream come true.

And I am thankful for author who makes us realiseabout what happen in this world and about how everyone is dealing with there own problem.

I just want To tell you whoever is in this situation be strong find someone to whom you can share with.

Quotes I like

I like history. It’s nice to read about awful things that have happened in the past and know that people keep living.

Everything in life is temporary, honey, the good and the bad.

Due to my recent change of circumstance, I have to pay for college by myself if I want to go. Now it’s more important than ever that I go, so that I can take my life back.

that’s just how men were, they could be sensitive even though they acted so tough

If you can promise me one thing, please lead a happy life. Choose to be happy . It’s a choice. Don’t let this or any other hardship define you.

I won’t let tragedy define me. I’ll be strong. Like you.

It never gets old, the mystery

Have you read the book? Are you familiar with the author’s work?

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Until next time..Bookriot xx

Happy reading

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