The quiet you carry by Nikki Barthelmess #bookreview

goodread This is very sad story it's similar like my last read forbidden love but a more disgusted relationship shown here . It shows how a dad can twist words just to get what he want . He is sick . And he needs some treatment . I cried a lot in whole story , … Continue reading The quiet you carry by Nikki Barthelmess #bookreview

Magical winter readathon chapter 3

Hello everyone So I wanted to you that please participate in this readthon because you obviously don't know what you are missing . Gosh every chapter is soo intriguing and I wanted to finish it fast to know what my next prompt is going to be . For this chapter I got this 2 prompts … Continue reading Magical winter readathon chapter 3

Magical winter readathon chapter 2

So in my last post I talked about my first prompt and yes I quite enjoyed that book and I think I am going to read next book of that series . I really want to know what happen to Taylor. This book (fae's captive by Lily archer ) is series on kindle unlimited. For … Continue reading Magical winter readathon chapter 2

Winter Magical Readathon

Marlin's beard ! I think I must be living under the rocks because how could I don't know winter magical readathon is going on since December. I participated in N.E.W.Ts this year for post of journalist and writer and yes I qualified . Gosh i cant tell you how much I enjoyed that readathon but … Continue reading Winter Magical Readathon

Top ten 2019 read

Hey everyone So I think this year start with downfall , first my devastating break up , after that I have been diagnosed with pulmonary perural tuberculosis, my health is deteriorated a lot , I am not good physically and neither mentally , i cannot give my test for research programme for which I have … Continue reading Top ten 2019 read