The slut chronicles by Kritika Sharma #bookreview

No Sir, I am not a Sadist. I am just a girl who likes to return the pain that others owe me!


Book description
Isn’t love a funny thing? Few moments of happiness, and then a lifetime of enslavement. Ishana calls her school life as ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ Because what is to come next is even more devastating. After being betrayed twice, she shirks away from every relationship. But fate has other plans… Fighting against the will of fate, she starts her career – eventually becoming a super model. But is it the right path? What lurks in the shadows of her past? What haunts her every moment? Read on to join Ishana in her journey full of love, friendship, betrayal, turmoil, and heartbreaks. Are you ready to endure her truth?.

They called me a Sensation, but little did they know all I craved for was a quiet and normal life.


This story is about a girl named Ishana, who raised into fame and became very famous model celebrity.

Ravi is a journalist who wanted to know more about her and later he did but it came with shocking surprise.

He could have never thought about her past life is full with hatred, suicide ,murder.

Pratham is a skilled photographer who fall in Love with Ishana and there only child is prathana , Ishana’s NGO.

Language is simple and easy to understand. Each character described in very good way . Everything feels real .


Quotes I like

‘If you do something that you cannot tell me by looking me in the eye, then don’t do it. It is morally wrong. Always make sure that you make me proud, now and forever.’”

‘Don’t fall for a man who is not willing to marry you. If he loves you, he will make you his own. Don’t do anything unless the promise of marriage is fulfilled.’”


I am quite scared of this girl Ishana when she started telling her story about how she killed two boys and she wont feel bad for it , and if she want to kill / murder the journalist if he black mail her , she can do it happily .

Relationship written well always get to me , it feels real and I feel like she is someone I know and that’s what author did it here . The way she portrayed pratham and Ishana love story is real , it feel alive to actually know them .Author really bought every scene into life by choosing great words .

I was feeling sad after knowing Ishana’s life , how much she endured in her life still she is giving soo much to society and helping other deprived girls and women .

Author clearly depict how a girl seen in society if something bad happen to her . This story left me crying in every pages . I can feel pain of Ishana .

Also author depicts the mind of psychopath, how they commit murder ,how they planned it with out leaving any evidence .


Overall, one of the best books in this genre in 2019 for me.

“Losing anyone you ever loved is a curse, no matter the relationship,”