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Book name – Gunpoint Groom

Author – Kamini Kusum


Book description
What do you do when a twist of fate turns your life upside down overnight? All you hoped for turns into a bizarre caricature. Your own plans start mocking at you. Karan’s perfect life and perfect romance come crashing when he gets kidnapped and is forced to marry a stranger. His fate is decided at gunpoint. A saga of drama and introspection starts soon after leading to a transformational journey into self-discovery. It is no less a drama for Kavya, the forced bride. Gunpoint groom explores the murky world of groom kidnapping and what takes place in the families that go through it. There’s love, romance, sex, sadness and twist in the novel which explores a culture clash of ideas and traditions that modern India is. The subject of Inter-State migration, tradition, politics and freewill makes a heady cocktail until everything starts falling in place in the lives of the protagonists. A fast-paced page-turner, gunpoint groom will take you on a rollercoaster ride which you may not want to get off from.

Is love unconditional? To me no I don’t think so ,even after reading this book I am not satisfied because this only happens in story not in real life . But yes after reading this book I do get a sense of calmness because I like Kavya nature she is sweet and she her love for karan is unconditional.

Even though at some point I feel like she is not speaking for herself and that made me irritated her nature is beyond my understanding.

Also this book gives a perfect example of how a culture which is in rise in tribal areas of bihar effect persons life . I only heard of theses things from my relatives and it felt horrifying to know that your freedom about choosing your own life partner is not even yours .

Gunpoint groom by kamini kusum is an emotional roller coaster . It’s a story about a guy named karan who is deeply in love with His since his college days and is been with her since then . But an unfortunate event happen when he got back to his home city Aara , Patna . He was kidnapped at married at a gun point , this type of marraige happened there very much but he could not imagine even in his dreams that it would happen to him .

What will happen to him and jia ?

And what about Kavya ?

Will Kavya will be with karan or he will be with jia?

What will happen ? What’s their destiny?

This story depicted nature of people in village where girl is just treated as mere object , how only their pride , who and status matter .

Author uses simple language and his narration style is superb . It’s an emotional journey where you could cry, be thoughtful.

It’s fast paced and a page Turner, I finished it in one go ,I think it only took me 4 hour to finish this book .

About the Author

Kamini Kusum is a post graduate in management and has worked several years in corporate. Besides writing, she loves nature, travelling, food, movies and yoga. She carves stories that have the colours of Indian culture and society. Romance is her genre. The main protagonists in her novels are usually strong characters. She lives in Delhi with her husband and two daughters. She is the author of books โ€œHoney & the Moonโ€ and โ€œA New dawnโ€.

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