The quiet you carry by Nikki Barthelmess #bookreview


This is very sad story it’s similar like my last read forbidden love but a more disgusted relationship shown here . It shows how a dad can twist words just to get what he want . He is sick . And he needs some treatment .

I cried a lot in whole story , Victoria is such a sweet girl she lost various things in her life first her mom died because of cancer when she is just 12 year old , then his father started to behave differently being drunk , crying over and over again because his wife left her and after 1 year or so he got a new girlfriend Tiffany .

Till now Victoria think everything is fine but is it really? His dad start to give more attention to her rather than her wife and this created problem . One day something happen he tried to force her and Tiffany saw that . To make everything okay he put all blame to Victoria who at that time is shaken .

She was sent to foster home , even after this his dad don’t stop , he started to do same thing to Sarah. But Alas you know this saying you can’t keep bad things in secret that’s what happen here also .

To know more about how Victoria did and what her life after that read this amazing heart breaking book .

This is real story from foster home .

This breaks my heart more when I read this line at the back of the book .

According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, in 2016 (the most recent year research was available as of this writing), there were 437,465 children in the United States foster care system. Victoria’s story is one story. The Quiet You Carry isn’t meant to serve as a one-size-fits all narrative about what it’s like to be in foster care. I hope to see many, many more books with foster kid protagonists because there are so many different experiences. Reader, no matter what you’re going through or have gone through, I hope you realize you aren’t alone. You are not the thing that has or continues to hurt you. You matter. You are worthy of love. You are more than enough. If you are a current or former foster youth looking for community, I encourage you to check out the resources on the following pages. I can’t thank you enough for reading The Quiet You Carry and coming along on this journey with me. Sharing this story with you is my dream come true.

And I am thankful for author who makes us realiseabout what happen in this world and about how everyone is dealing with there own problem.

I just want To tell you whoever is in this situation be strong find someone to whom you can share with.

Quotes I like

I like history. It’s nice to read about awful things that have happened in the past and know that people keep living.

Everything in life is temporary, honey, the good and the bad.

Due to my recent change of circumstance, I have to pay for college by myself if I want to go. Now it’s more important than ever that I go, so that I can take my life back.

that’s just how men were, they could be sensitive even though they acted so tough

If you can promise me one thing, please lead a happy life. Choose to be happy . It’s a choice. Don’t let this or any other hardship define you.

I won’t let tragedy define me. I’ll be strong. Like you.

It never gets old, the mystery

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Magical winter readathon chapter 3

Hello everyone

So I wanted to you that please participate in this readthon because you obviously don’t know what you are missing . Gosh every chapter is soo intriguing and I wanted to finish it fast to know what my next prompt is going to be .

For this chapter I got this 2 prompts for that am choosing these two books :

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Magical winter readathon chapter 2

So in my last post I talked about my first prompt and yes I quite enjoyed that book and I think I am going to read next book of that series . I really want to know what happen to Taylor.

This book (fae’s captive by Lily archer ) is series on kindle unlimited.

For my next prompt I am going to read the quiet you carry .

This book is in my TBR for quite a long time maybe 2018 .

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Winter Magical Readathon

Marlin’s beard ! I think I must be living under the rocks because how could I don’t know winter magical readathon is going on since December. I participated in N.E.W.Ts this year for post of journalist and writer and yes I qualified .

Gosh i cant tell you how much I enjoyed that readathon but oh my when I started winter magical readathon I fell in love with this theme .

If you wanted to know more about this readathon then go to this page.

So ,I just finished reading 1 chapter and my first prompt is to read my recently acquired or borrowed or inherited book . And for this I read this book from this amazing series fae’s captive . This is 2 book in series and I am hoping to what happen next .

road to winter

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Top ten 2019 read

Hey everyone

So I think this year start with downfall , first my devastating break up , after that I have been diagnosed with pulmonary perural tuberculosis, my health is deteriorated a lot , I am not good physically and neither mentally , i cannot give my test for research programme for which I have been working my butt off . I was devastated nothing is going my way .

I am thankful for God who gave me motivations , my mom who who helped me with everything even bathing . I cried a lot thinking why this happening to me why . But now I think back that’s what motivated me to achieve big thing in my life that’s is to be happy .

I am also thankful of my friends who helped me mentally telling me everything will be fine , don’t worry . Be strong those words I could never forget in my life .

So yes this year gave me lessons which makes me for who I am today .

I sucessfully read 76 books this year most of them which I read after September. I started to have control.over my life now which I don’t have when I am in relation . I am trying to focus on myself a lot now . And most importantly I AM HAPPY . I AM FREE.

So yup that’s my life . So let’s dig into my top 10 books of this year in no particular order 💜

Have you read the book? Are you familiar with the author’s work?

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Kindle Unlimited Readathon 2019

Hello everyone so I just participated in one of the best read-a-thon which is #kureadathon. And I enjoyed it very much . I completed 4 books. And it’s quite productive.


Scent Of love


Punk 57


Something in the water


fae’s captive

The readathon took place over the weekend of the 27 December to 29 December. It’s hosted by Jess from PeaceLoveBooksxo, Riley from Riley Marie, Chelsea from ChelseaDollingReads, Chandler from Chandler Ainsley, Lacey from LaceyBookLovers, Melissa from Melissa H, Shelby from Shelby Taggart Reads, Averie from averielovesbooks, Steph from Steph’s Romance Book Talk and Bree from Bree Hill.

Beat the backlist 2020 : sign up and TBR

So with new year starts new dream , passion and a new TBR pile right ! Nope not this year because this year I want to finish all my previous books.

So thats why I’ve decided to join Beat the Backlist! I’m going to join the Multi-Tasker team (purple).

This Readathon is hosted by Katie and Austin’s at Novel Knight. If you want more information or to sign up you can follow this link.

The Rules

The book must have been published in 2019 or earlier to count. It can be in any format (including an ARC/eARC) as long as the release date is 2019 or earlier (i.e. 2020 releases are not allowed).

You have to start and finish the book in 2020 to count it. Any books started in 2019 and finished in 2020 do not count. Any books started in 2020 and finished in 2021 also do not count. Re-reads count. And you don’t have to own the book!

The challenge runs from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

My Goals

I’m aiming to read at least 20 books for this challenge, and I plan to finish these prompts. Oh there is a bingo card also you can check that out if you also want to try this challenge.

  • genre mash-up
    • a book that features at least 2 different genres (note: YA and adult are not a genre.
  • own voices author
    • an author who’s writing about their own background in form
  • book rec from a friend
  • book with less than 200 pages
  • author you want to meet
  • bought/borrowed it for the cover
  • one word title
  • wish it had a sequel
  • genre you never/rarely read
  • cover redesign is better
  • wish you had read it sooner
  • released in the 2010’s
    • a book released sometime in the years 2010-2019
  • book with 600+ pages
  • the 4th+ book in a series
    • a book that is the 4th book or more in a series
  • author who writes multiple genre
  • shocking plot twist
    • a book with a shocking plot twist
  • owned for over 2 years
  • a top 10 read of the year
    • a book that you read in 2020 that you believe is one of your top 10 reads of the year (note: you will not be able to pick a book for this prompt until you start reading in 2020)
  • indie book
    • a book that is either self-published or published by a small/independent press
  • new to you author
  • book that shares your zodiac sign
    • a book that was published in the same date range as your zodiac sign (determined by your birthday)
  • book by an INTL (to you) author
    • a book from an author who is from a different country than you
  • written before 2010
  • book you never finished before

I will upload other books with there reviews .

Love on the Everest : love conquers everything by Deepthi Ayyagari #bookreview

🌟🌟🌟 stars

Book description

Snow-capped mountains and peaks that appear precarious to folks who prefer the solid comfort of level-ground are like home to me.

I am Siddharth. My parents would have probably been okay had I turned to the forests seeking nirvana like the Buddha. But, I have turned to the mountains to seek solace or adventure, depending on how you look at it. The mountains are my home. They are my paradise.

My parents wanted me to leave my adventures, marry a girl, and settle down. I’m not sure what that means, but I understand their love. So, I obliged them by getting engaged to a girl of their choice, but I had to do one last thing: climb Everest. It is my last calling.

During my mission to climb Everest, fate showed its hand and I fell in love with my Sherpani, the woman who was my guide on the treacherous climb. Fate, however, is not finished playing games with me. It wants me to deal with more, much, much more!

I don’t know if I will ever climb Everest. I don’t know if I will ever win my Sherpani. But, I do know that I MUST, even though life has taken a drastic and unimaginable turn.

He found the love of his life as he climbed what he considered to be his paradise: EVEREST.

True love is often found when you least expect it.

Love on Everest is a cute story but it’s too much dragged . Author can do better than even though it’s 1 hour read I feel like various things are UNNESSARY like how he started climbing and it’s every single detail . At some point it’s kind of get boring . And when things started to get better then everything is fast paced . I mean yes I wanted more of there love story , I wanted more of seema and sid story even though it’s silly but I think I wanted to know more about how everything happen . I feel like there’s lack of emotion .

Even though this is kind of story is new to me , I feel like it could have be more better .

I like sid passion to achieve his dream . Dohna’s pure nature and the way she thinks about every situation . Also I would like to drink that hot lemon tea .😍

Cover is nice and it depicts well what happen in entire book . Character development is not good . I feel like being book of 60 page is a drawback to it . I hope author can write long novel in near future.

The slut chronicles by Kritika Sharma #bookreview

No Sir, I am not a Sadist. I am just a girl who likes to return the pain that others owe me!


Book description
Isn’t love a funny thing? Few moments of happiness, and then a lifetime of enslavement. Ishana calls her school life as ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ Because what is to come next is even more devastating. After being betrayed twice, she shirks away from every relationship. But fate has other plans… Fighting against the will of fate, she starts her career – eventually becoming a super model. But is it the right path? What lurks in the shadows of her past? What haunts her every moment? Read on to join Ishana in her journey full of love, friendship, betrayal, turmoil, and heartbreaks. Are you ready to endure her truth?.

They called me a Sensation, but little did they know all I craved for was a quiet and normal life.


This story is about a girl named Ishana, who raised into fame and became very famous model celebrity.

Ravi is a journalist who wanted to know more about her and later he did but it came with shocking surprise.

He could have never thought about her past life is full with hatred, suicide ,murder.

Pratham is a skilled photographer who fall in Love with Ishana and there only child is prathana , Ishana’s NGO.

Language is simple and easy to understand. Each character described in very good way . Everything feels real .


Quotes I like

‘If you do something that you cannot tell me by looking me in the eye, then don’t do it. It is morally wrong. Always make sure that you make me proud, now and forever.’”

‘Don’t fall for a man who is not willing to marry you. If he loves you, he will make you his own. Don’t do anything unless the promise of marriage is fulfilled.’”


I am quite scared of this girl Ishana when she started telling her story about how she killed two boys and she wont feel bad for it , and if she want to kill / murder the journalist if he black mail her , she can do it happily .

Relationship written well always get to me , it feels real and I feel like she is someone I know and that’s what author did it here . The way she portrayed pratham and Ishana love story is real , it feel alive to actually know them .Author really bought every scene into life by choosing great words .

I was feeling sad after knowing Ishana’s life , how much she endured in her life still she is giving soo much to society and helping other deprived girls and women .

Author clearly depict how a girl seen in society if something bad happen to her . This story left me crying in every pages . I can feel pain of Ishana .

Also author depicts the mind of psychopath, how they commit murder ,how they planned it with out leaving any evidence .


Overall, one of the best books in this genre in 2019 for me.

“Losing anyone you ever loved is a curse, no matter the relationship,”

Gunpoint Groom by Kamini Kusum #bookreview #bookstagram #bookstagramindia

Book name – Gunpoint Groom

Author – Kamini Kusum


Book description
What do you do when a twist of fate turns your life upside down overnight? All you hoped for turns into a bizarre caricature. Your own plans start mocking at you. Karan’s perfect life and perfect romance come crashing when he gets kidnapped and is forced to marry a stranger. His fate is decided at gunpoint. A saga of drama and introspection starts soon after leading to a transformational journey into self-discovery. It is no less a drama for Kavya, the forced bride. Gunpoint groom explores the murky world of groom kidnapping and what takes place in the families that go through it. There’s love, romance, sex, sadness and twist in the novel which explores a culture clash of ideas and traditions that modern India is. The subject of Inter-State migration, tradition, politics and freewill makes a heady cocktail until everything starts falling in place in the lives of the protagonists. A fast-paced page-turner, gunpoint groom will take you on a rollercoaster ride which you may not want to get off from.

Is love unconditional? To me no I don’t think so ,even after reading this book I am not satisfied because this only happens in story not in real life . But yes after reading this book I do get a sense of calmness because I like Kavya nature she is sweet and she her love for karan is unconditional.

Even though at some point I feel like she is not speaking for herself and that made me irritated her nature is beyond my understanding.

Also this book gives a perfect example of how a culture which is in rise in tribal areas of bihar effect persons life . I only heard of theses things from my relatives and it felt horrifying to know that your freedom about choosing your own life partner is not even yours .

Gunpoint groom by kamini kusum is an emotional roller coaster . It’s a story about a guy named karan who is deeply in love with His since his college days and is been with her since then . But an unfortunate event happen when he got back to his home city Aara , Patna . He was kidnapped at married at a gun point , this type of marraige happened there very much but he could not imagine even in his dreams that it would happen to him .

What will happen to him and jia ?

And what about Kavya ?

Will Kavya will be with karan or he will be with jia?

What will happen ? What’s their destiny?

This story depicted nature of people in village where girl is just treated as mere object , how only their pride , who and status matter .

Author uses simple language and his narration style is superb . It’s an emotional journey where you could cry, be thoughtful.

It’s fast paced and a page Turner, I finished it in one go ,I think it only took me 4 hour to finish this book .

About the Author

Kamini Kusum is a post graduate in management and has worked several years in corporate. Besides writing, she loves nature, travelling, food, movies and yoga. She carves stories that have the colours of Indian culture and society. Romance is her genre. The main protagonists in her novels are usually strong characters. She lives in Delhi with her husband and two daughters. She is the author of books “Honey & the Moon” and “A New dawn”.