Finding Christmas by Karen Schaler #bookreview

🌟🌟🌟.5 STARS


From the writer of Netflix sensation, A Christmas Prince, comes a heart-warming new holiday story showing that sometimes the detour in your journey is the path to true love…

This year, Emmie can’t wait to share her favourite Christmas traditions with her boyfriend, Grant. So when his hectic work schedule has him more ‘bah humbug’ than ‘ho, ho, ho,’ Emmie creates a holiday-themed scavenger hunt to help him find his festive spirit.

But Emmie’s plan for a romantic mountaintop rendezvous backfires when a mix-up has the wrong guy showing up at Christmas Point. Sam, a bestselling mystery writer, thinks Emmie’s clever clues are from his agent, to help him get over his epic writer’s block. When the two come face-to-face, Emmie sees Sam only as the wrong guy, but Sam, intrigued by Emmie, decides to stay, hoping the small, enchanting town will help inspire a new book idea.

When Grant keeps getting delayed by work, he tells Emmie to start doing the special Christmas activities she planned without him. Emmie is disappointed, until Sam joins her and she starts wondering if the wrong guy is really Mr. Right.

With Christmas coming fast, Emmie will need the magic of the season to help steer her heart in the direction of true love . . .

I received a free ARC from Edelweiss+ and publisher @harpercollins , and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED

Lately I have been drawn to Christmas book, so I started this book because oh my the cover is soo beautiful and I would love to have it in my collection.

Emmie sander is a very happy type of girl who love Christmas more than anyone because of that her nickname is miss Christmas . Also she buys a lot of chritmas decoration it would feel like its too much even when you are reading it but that’s what Christmas spirit is right .

Who I absolutely don’t like Grant “the workaholic boyfriend ” to him one thing is important which is his work , Emmie came second even though they both pronised they would be free form work for this holiday because Christmas means a lot to Emmie . But that not what happen here also what came first ? Yes you guessed correctly WORK .

Poor Emmie is too generous for her own good she planned a lot of adventurous thing .

But what hit me hard here is that there relationship perfectly describe my relationship and why we broke up and later why she also broke up .

What I like in this book is how much Sam and Emmie love Christmas and it makes my heart fuzzy and warm . They had there own memories which is related to Christmas and that what makes this book special .

I absolutely love the scavenger hunt which Emmie did for Grant but some mishap happen and Sam got to solve it and from there the feeling starts .

I love how this book teaches us to help those who are in need and help in community centre to make there big day Christmas happy .

This book shows that Christmas indeed brings happiness even it’s late , you just need to believe in it .

I love these lines

❤She’d never been the kind of person to waste time on being sad over something she couldn’t change, and she wasn’t about to start now. All she wanted to do was learn from this and move forward.

❤life was too short to waste, and that also meant wasting time on the wrong guy.

❤“He’s never going to change. He’s never going to make you a priority. He’s just going to fit you in his schedule when it works for him.”

❤“Being passionate about something can fuel you forward.”

❤she had learned that people inherently are good and generous and want to help and donate—you just had to give them a reason, show them how, and make it easy for them.

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