The Involution by VIJAYALATHA N #bookreview #minireview


What would you do when you learn that you can now travel through dimensions?

What if I tell you that everything that we call the past, present and future, co-existed at the same point in time and you could defy time and space? If you are not what you think you are and your potentiality is much higher than your limitations, what then? Would your friends and family believe you? Would they stand up with you on your journey?

I do not believe in endings because I have only witnessed new beginnings. I am Adi and this is the beginning of my journey in unlocking my true self.

Now I read various sci fi and fantasy book but I must tell you this book contains a lot of things which you cannot even imagine.

You name it

Superpower ✔

Telekenisis ✔

Mythology ✔

Ancient Sanskrit texts✔

Shapeshifters ✔

And many more but there are various things which you can learn from this book .


Dig into adventure of Adi and his friends who explores what Adi’s dreams and dimension travel means .

The story is itself intriguing it had me hooked from beginning there are numerous twists and turns , mysteries .

A brilliant book with a lot of going on which can keep you engaged throughout whole ride .