The flying dreams by Akshay Sharma #bookreview


Inspirational read

Many thanks to Blue rose publisher via @kp_review and @bloggersince 98 for providing me this book in return for honest review.


  • For some people magic is their life .

Magic was not just a word, but it was a world for Aarav. An illusion bigger than his life. His dad, Mr. Sen was not confident about his magic but his mother had faith in him. Being confused in his dad’s restrictions and mom’s support, Aarav inculcated something unique in his behaviour. Consecutive obstacles made Aarav feel dejected in real life. Gradually, he created his own space in his imagination where he met his love, Zara, who loved and supported him immensely. His imagination was overwhelming, but that affected his real life. What made him to go to a parallel world, beyond the reality of his existence? What made him dream so much that it never reminded him to draw a line between dream and reality? Was his life real or just an illusion?

This book is sad and clearly depicts reality of indian parents where one supportive of there child ambition where another is not .

Here protagonist name is Aranv who want to achieve his dream of magician but he had a one big not big demic obstacle which is his father who don’t support his rubbish idea of being magician . Instead he want his child to be an educated and sucessfull in that field. Here her mother is only her supporter. You know when ever you were low in your life your will look like a ray of hope , your superwoman.

Lately her father started telling him more to study , this led him to depression so much so that her mother words can’t help her and he started to for his own world through hypnotis which he named as flying dreams . He started to live in his world not want to interact with any person .

When his father get to know about this he is heart broken he didn’t realise what he did he started to regretting everything thing .

Now he want to help his son to make him better .can he do it ?