Daag -The Dharkan by subhash kumar #bookreview


Page no – 190

Publisher – Blue rose publisher


Many thanks to Blue rose publisher via @_ashrafia _ for providing me this book in return for honest review.

Book and author DESCRIPTION

“Author and engineer subhash kumar graduate from dayalbagh educational institute Agra. He belongs from domra , a very small village in harda (m.p) .he worked with power engineering sector and presently working with water treatment sector. Staying nine years in hostel & working four years in different places, observed critical cases, situation of young lovers. He also observed the country is changing but many peoples thinking are still old. Every young generation loves, but maximum not success. There is a lot of reason. Author thought about And through the medium of DAG THE DHADKAN have tried lovers to be true love who have misguided their paths. His first novel predominantly deals with subject of love, thrill, friendship & “misunderstandings.”

This is very short story of 190 pages written in simple hindi language which thoroughly describes the life of a lover who goes to path of searching true love . In his journey he experience various hatred , obstacles , misunderstanding.

Author gives detailed explanation of what true love is in now a days and how you need to be clear minded about it . When you are reading this story you will fully indulge in it as you feel like it’s reality going in front of your eyes . This book should be read by all hindi literature lover who want to explore new author.

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