Do I still have a chance? By Dhayakar Reddy #bookreview

  • Publication date: 8 Aug 2019
  • Publisher: Notion Press
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07WC5MT8Y

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🌟🌟🌟🌟.5 star review


The fate of a loser’s life is…
When you desperately want to achieve The fate of a loser’s life is…
When you desperately want to achieve your dream, you will be forced to change your dream.
When you fall in love with someone you had anticipated for a long time, that someone will bully you into being just friends.
When you finally fall in love with someone who is meant for you, you will need to find a future be-cause love without a future is a pain.
One day, you will miraculously find your future, and everything will seem as perfect as a fairytale.
But the fate of a loser’s life is…
You won’t get what you want in time. When you get what you want, you won’t need it anymore. Well, that’s me, Sathya! A big loser, from a small town in South India, dreams of becoming a na-tional volleyball player. But is the life of a middle-class boy ever uncomplicated?
It all begins with this beautiful and brilliant girl entering my college. She changed my life, but it didn’t stop there. Another gorgeous girl entered my life, and I was torn between the two. At a point, I was utterly confused about whether I was a friend or a boyfriend or neither!
Against all the odds, do you think I can achieve my dream and hold on to my love? Do I still have a chance?
There’s much more to my story than these few lines. Get ready to experience the roller coaster ride of my life!your dream, you will be forced to change your dream.

This story is about Satya and Priya who loves each other and are the main character of this book. But you cannot imagine the end . Satya actually wrote about his love and publishes it as a book .

Being all lost about life and having a relation where no spouse talk to each other is making shriram very frustrated he feels like something is missing in his life and then one night he came to a shop and buy this book . And then there he feel like love is missing from his life because he only married her wife Pallavi because of his parents wish .

When he came home he started reading it and slowly and slowly he started to fell in love with the main character .

What I love about this book is how author narrates every events soo minutely and explains every character so emotionally .

I love Shruti , Sathya’ s friend she is more like a mature girl and I love the way she don’t come in path of Sathya when she get to know that he loves Priya still when she deeply loves him .

The story is very gripping and page turning I fished it in a one go . I can fully say this can be made into a bollywood movie and it would earn a lot because this book have trust, love , comedy , sadness everything .

I highly recommend this to everyone who loves a twisting ending but a happy one.

I really want to read it’s second part and wants to know what happen to Sathya will he convince Simran not to marry another guy and could he propose to her ?

And will shriram and pallavi life become happy after Shriram realises how awesome his wife is ?

To know more read this engaging book about true love and destiny.

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