Primrose’s curse by kiara and vinay shankar #bookreview

  • Publication date: 4 Mar 2019
  • Publisher: VIKI Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07NW4GQ78
  • Sales Rank: 2127

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Masterpiece, imaginary plot

Primrose Fernetise, a beautiful audacious twelve-year-old girl, and a group of woodland animals with divine mystical abilities set out on an adventurous mission to Hellevue, a murky island on the dreary part of Mystopical. Their daring mission involves vanquishing the evil sorceress Queen Evelyn Velecrona and breaking the curse she has cast on humanity. How do the woodland animals and Primrose plan and embark on their brave voyage to defeat the wicked sorceress?Will the bunch of lovable woodland animals and an innocent twelve-year-old girl really succeed in bringing down the dreadful Queen Evelyn? Also, will they be able to bring back peace, well-being and happiness to humanity?
To find out more about this epic fairy tale, please do consider reading this entire book.

I think I read a lot of children book last month and one of them is primrose curse. I always like reading fairy tale book and to my surprise it’s written by a 10 year old .

The language is simple and lucid. Every character is well developed . It’s a very twisting story you cannot imagine what is going to happen next .

I am very happy to read this magical journey with good food , illustrations and very unique names .

This story about mystical animal who started there very dangerous journey in order to achieve there main goal with help of a girl primrose .

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