The moulded writer by Harshita Ashwani #bookreview

The moulded writer

  • Publication date: 1 Jul 2019
  • Publisher: Bigfoot Publications Pvt. Ltd.
  • Language: English
  • Sales Rank: 73072
  • Amazon buy link

She often laughed at the fact of “Love at first Sight”. Later did she realize that his first glimpse Would completely transform her.
Vani and Rishi, the two young couple experiences the taste of love with pain. Vani is placed in Wipro and Rishi joined Politics. Are their lives settled, will they marry or will they part away? Will life bring more of what they plan for?
Love at first Sight is a myth or it’s a truth?
Can Love die?
A writer is inborn writer or a sustained one?


It’s a story about a girl who don’t actually believe in love at first sight and had a lot of problems related to love and her views and thoughts are very different from what we see in bollywood romance . But everything changes when a guy comes in her life this story feels like a true love story , the guy always support the girl even when he died he think of her .

The story is very short read just 2 hour read and being an emotional person I cried at last . Every quote, poem is very well written and touched the heart .

What I liked about this story is in every page you can connect to it . Like the one lines , explanation and quotes .

What I don’t like is stupidity of girl , just because a guy is talking to her ex dissent mean you need to cut off every single communication. Obviously communication is what matter . Before being an idiot she should talk to him .

The writing style is fully not developed , there are some grammatical error but it’s a debut book of an author so . Hoping to read her next story with good story plot and grammar.

This book touched my heart that’s why I am giving it five star . It made me realise what true love is . No UNBIASED review.

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