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Publication date: 5 Jun 2019

Publisher: Mith Books

Language: English

ASIN: B07SXJ5D6N Sales Rank: 23936

Page 174

The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family (The Guardians of the Lore Book 1)

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The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu – Celestial Beings from world mythology – bicker and squabble, just like any family. But they’re going to have to put their differences aside to help the Little Light – a wise soul, imbued with insight and curiosity – prepare for its birth on Planet Earth, where it has a great and far-reaching destiny…

“A part of the Sun will always shine inside the Little Light, come what may. Life can be full of pain, suffering and strife, but this spark will always remain untouched because it belongs to the source of all life on earth. Nothing and no one can take it away because it is a gift from the father to all his children. It can never be tarnished or spoilt. It exists and will continue to burn bright till the death of the physical body.”

In her debut novel The Little Light, Dipa Sanatani takes the reader on a voyage of awakening and discovery, ideal for lovers of mythology, spirituality, folklore and fairy tales.

On the eve of its birth, The Little Light finds itself in the topsy-turvy world of the Planet Party, hosted in the Cosmic Womb. Here, anything is possible, and anything could happen… and the Little Light must do all it can to listen, learn, and ready itself for the path which will lead it to its destiny on earth.

Along the way the Little Light meets Mercury, who bristles at being constantly overshadowed (literally!) by his father, The Sun, a flamboyant figure who wears a gold ring on every finger and bright yellow loafers. As the rest of the Celestial Beings gather, they have to contend with Havah and Dag, the Guardians of the Lore, who know that the Little Light will soon be a tiny baby in a cold, hard world where it will have to struggle for its survival.

Alongside the Little Light, we learn there is more to explore in the heavens and on this earth than anybody could ever imagine possible. Endless lives, perpetual cycles of death and rebirth, infinite possibilities for love, happiness, renewal, enlightenment and wisdom… it’s all out there, waiting to be discovered, and waiting to make a change deep within us all.

Spoiler free review

It’s a story about one dysfunctional family and journey of little light . Here author depict little light as a soul who had a very great destiny ahead of her . It’s a story about conversation between little light and whole solar system which provide life .

Yes this story is a mix of mythology , philosophy .

The writing style is very simple and this book is for any age whether it’s children or adult .

This book takes you to new world of mythology where author describes every planet in a human form and I personally like Mercury .

Quotes I like

🌕Little Lights are born into the world because of desire.

🌕”everything has its price… Do you understand?”

🌕There are only three reasons why a soul would manifest into the world of matter: if there is a karmic debt, if there is a soul lesson, or if the soul was born for the evolution of collective human consciousness.


🌕Do not fear, Little Light. It is now your turn to seize your destiny. The world is waiting for you.”

🌕”Nothing in this world is ever created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.”

🌕”With death, there is always rebirth,”

Author’s interview

1. Do you like Harry Potter? If you do, what’s your favourite book and your house?
Of course! I’m from that generation of readers that went through the Harry Potter craze. My favourite was Book 3, Prisoner of Azkaban. The last time I did one of those online tests, I was a Ravenclaw.

2. How do you deal with bad reviews?

There’s a reader for every kind of book out there. If the reviewer didn’t enjoy my book, they’re not my target audience. That’s all.

3. Why you choose to write your book in this genre? Any motivation or incidents which makes you write this book?

I never thought that I would write in the Young Adult genre, but I wound up working in the education sector for over 4 years… Those experiences groomed me to communicate with a younger demographic.
Many of my readers have said that The Little Light is a unique book in the spirituality genre. My novel handles themes like reincarnation, mythology, cosmology and folklore. There’s nothing else like it available in the market. Titles in the spirituality genre are typically non-fiction and intended for an adult audience. I’ve written The Little Light with younger readers in mind. My goal is to inspire their curiosity in these topics in a fun and accessible way.

4. How does it feel when you google yourself and seeing your name there as an author?

It’s been a long time coming.

5. How much time it took you to write this book?

Believe it or not – that’s a difficult question. My career as a novelist was 12 years in the making. I completed two full-length novels and a screenplay before I finally published The Little Light.

6. What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

Leader: 50 Insights from Mythology by Devdutt Pattanaik. It taught me a lot about running a business in the modern era based on principles from ancient times.

7. Are you a polyglot?

I feel most comfortable in English and Gujarati. Hindi comes third place. I lived in China and Japan so I can speak conversational Chinese and Japanese. I learnt Hebrew and Spanish in my twenties, but it’s been ages since I spoke to anyone in those languages so I can’t say I remember much. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

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