The Stalker By Sandeep Sharma #bookreview

Randhir Kamat, a name famous for his regular mentions on page 3, was being stalked on social media by a girl named Deepali. He took it casually and enjoyed the attention from media but soon things went become ugly when his girlfriend, Rupali, started receiving death threats. Keeping everything on stake, Randhir chose to involve police to catch the Stalker. Inspector Suraj, started digging in and soon found that ‘Here everyone’s a liar’. Whom to trust? Whom to blame? There were no answers, just one question. How far will you go for the sake of your dream?

The story revolves around Randhir and his girlfriend Rupali when she started to get death threats from Depali.

But everything resolves later when in an investigation Dapali given warning not to do this but still Rupali gets threat , DEATH THREATS .

So who was it ? Why?

Who want Rupali dead ? Why ?

What’s the main motive behind it ?

All answered in end but it has it’s own twist which you could never image .

It’s a short read , you can read it in one sitting, easy language and grammar.

The narration style of author is very vivid and engaging .

Main theme is Betrayal, love , greed , lies . A totally packed story for a suspense lover .

Things I don’t like – author should not have given rhyming name (Rupali and Depali) It confuses me some time .

My rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟stars