Inside out & stiches by Tiffany Christina Lewis #blogtour

InsideOut MichaelTaylor Book 1 byTiffany Christina Lewis Genre:Crime Fiction DetectiveMichael Taylor, of the Oakland PD, is the lead on a horrific serialkiller case. For six weeks, he has been cleaning up mounds of thekiller’s mess. Bodies of men have been found chopped up and left,skin down, for display. Michael, mysterious to many in hisdepartment, isContinue reading “Inside out & stiches by Tiffany Christina Lewis #blogtour”

Raging sea by Kim Iverson Headlee #blogtour

RagingSea TheDragon’s Dove Chronicles Book 3 byKim Iverson Headlee Genre:Historical Fantasy  Outcast,clanless, and but a junior officer in Arthur the Pendragon’s army,Angusel struggles to rebuild the life stolen from him throughbetrayal by the person he had held most dear. His legion allegiancethrusts him onto the campaign trail as one of Arthur’s forwardscouts, stalking Angli troopsContinue reading “Raging sea by Kim Iverson Headlee #blogtour”

Done with her by Chirasree Bose #bookreview

Amazon link DESCRIPTION A gripping tale of love, lust, obsession and murder. It’s a kick in the guts. Love that’s raw, lust that’s insane and obsession that’s frantically irresistible. Twists will keep you on the edge while the truth will stab at your subconscious. Avesh Mathur, a techie stumbles upon the enchanting and sultry SpreehaContinue reading “Done with her by Chirasree Bose #bookreview”

The vampire of maple town by Kane McLoughlin #bookreview

Publication date: November 9, 2018 Publisher: EverAfterPress Language: English Pages : 258 Book description After a young boy becomes a reluctant vampire, he is forced to sign a contract to kill someone in his home of Maple Town. This is the condition behind the mysterious adoption of fifteen-year old Charlie. While under the care ofContinue reading “The vampire of maple town by Kane McLoughlin #bookreview”


Sportsman’sBet IanDodge Mysteries Book 1 byJudy Nichols Genre:Mystery VelmaSaunders, the town clerk of Tobias, North Carolina never had a kindword to say to anyone. In fact, most people were afraid of her,including her boss, Mayor Mike Ellis. Still,the whole town is shocked when Velma’s body is found in the MunicipalBuilding’s old bomb shelter. The onlyContinue reading “IAN DOGER MYSTERY by JUDY NICHOLS #blogtour”

Reign Drops by Chris Patt #bookreview

Description A simple Mayan girl. A powerful spirit. A bloodthirsty monster. All leading to a desperate quest. When the Mayan calendar ended some people scoffed while others joked and a few waited for the end of the world. After living half her life apart from her native people, Dalia no longer believes in the supernaturalContinue reading “Reign Drops by Chris Patt #bookreview”

Stella of Akrotiri : Deminon by Linda Rae Sande #blogtour

Stellaof Akrotiri: Deminon byLinda Rae Sande Genre:Fantasy Lovecan last a thousand lifetimes when you’re an Immortal… or so theythought. What’sbecome of the Immortal Darius? His wife, Stella, worries about hisfate as she rules over their city-state of Deminon, especially whenshe learns he’s been the victim of treachery. She’ll do anythingto get him back. Enslavedas aContinue reading “Stella of Akrotiri : Deminon by Linda Rae Sande #blogtour”

The Stalker By Sandeep Sharma #bookreview

DESCRIPTION Randhir Kamat, a name famous for his regular mentions on page 3, was being stalked on social media by a girl named Deepali. He took it casually and enjoyed the attention from media but soon things went become ugly when his girlfriend, Rupali, started receiving death threats. Keeping everything on stake, Randhir chose toContinue reading “The Stalker By Sandeep Sharma #bookreview”

In love with simran by kulpreet yadav #bookreview

If I want to describe this book ; then it’s deceptive which gives a chilling , hauting kind of feel . DESCRIPTION Sanjana’s best friend at college is murdered. She was in love with a business tycoon named Nik Sethi, and Sanjana is certain that he killed her. In an effort to find proof, sheContinue reading “In love with simran by kulpreet yadav #bookreview”