Identify Revealed by J.M.Butler #bookreview

DESCRIPTION What if you prepared for the wrong destiny? Cursed by her devious mother, Amelia, a young mindreader is driven by a deadly destiny. Only she can defeat Naatos, the shapeshifting warlord, in his march of terror across the thirty-six worlds. But Naatos conquers her home in a murderous midnight ambush before she has evenContinue reading “Identify Revealed by J.M.Butler #bookreview”

COMES AN OUTLAW by Keta Diablo #bookreview

DESCRIPTION When a tragic accident claims her husband’s life, Jesse Santos must find a way to keep the ranch, the only home her 12-year-old son has ever known. The ranch hands have abandoned her, a gang of cutthroat ranchers want her land and an ancient Yaqui Indian insists a spirit has taken up residence inContinue reading “COMES AN OUTLAW by Keta Diablo #bookreview”

DIRTY TRICKSTER CORPORATE SPY by Martin Kelly #review #bookreview

Book description Not until Dirty Trickster, Corporate Spy does a memoir exist by one of the principal Watergate saboteurs-provocateurs that exposes the full extent of the insalubrious side of politics and negative campaigning. And that is not all: After Watergate, Kelly became a corporate security consultant that provided undercover agents for client companies to spyContinue reading “DIRTY TRICKSTER CORPORATE SPY by Martin Kelly #review #bookreview”

Sourpuss by Merricat Mulwray #review #bookreview

Hilarious , Dark, absolutely a page Turner. DESCRIPTION Sourpuss is a blistering satire of the depraved and entitled culture that pervades college campuses. Mallory Wahl loathes the campus party scene . . . She’s sprinting through her senior year obsessed with winning a spot on the US Olympic track team. But she runs straight intoContinue reading “Sourpuss by Merricat Mulwray #review #bookreview”

Finders keepers by Russ colchamiro #Review

A wonderful read with great imagination. About book In the spirit of The Good Place, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, author Russ Colchamiro has gone back to the future to deliver his wildest, funniest novel yet–the new and updated Sci-Fi/Fantasy tale Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition. When aContinue reading “Finders keepers by Russ colchamiro #Review”

Author Interview of Finders keeper by Russ Colchamiro #blogtour

Q&A with Author Russ Colchamiro Q: Your new book Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition is set in Eternity, as well as several European cities, and New Zealand. Have you ever been there? Russ: Finders Keepers is loosely based on a series of backpacking trips I took through Europe and New Zealand, set against a questContinue reading “Author Interview of Finders keeper by Russ Colchamiro #blogtour”

Analiese Rising by Brenda Drake #ARC #GIVEAWAY #BLOGTOUR #NETGALLEY

Analiese Rising by Brenda Drake Genre: YA Fantasy Release Date: January 8th 2019 purchase link Summary: When a stranger gives Analiese Jordan a list of names before he dies, the last thing she expects to see is her own on it. Not. Cool. Her search for answers leads to the man’s grandson, Marek, who hasContinue reading “Analiese Rising by Brenda Drake #ARC #GIVEAWAY #BLOGTOUR #NETGALLEY”


Book Details: Book Title: Dirty Trickster, Corporate Spy by Martin D. Kelly Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 410 pages Genre: Memoir Publisher: Strategic Media Books Release date: August 2018 Tour dates: Jan 14 to 25, 2019 Content Rating: PG-13 (One sex scene but humorous rather than explicit; some 4-letter words) Book Description: Not until Dirty Trickster, CorporateContinue reading “DIRTY TRICKSTER, CORPORATE SPY by Martin D. KELLY”