Review :- In order to live – Yeonmi park

☆☆☆☆☆ 5/5 stars HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Truthfully i wouldn’t know whats happening in other side of world even this time when i am happily enjoying my chocolates . BUT after reading this memoir its eyes opening. i cannot define what i felt when i am reading this soo much sadness , struggle , poverty ; i feel like its fascism happening once again in worst form which we had seen in hitler period .

And isnt it ironic that we are seeing this when we are living in so called modern world where we preach about democracy , liberty , fraternity .

This story is trully inspiring and i recommend this to everyone because today people would get sad after some trival things in their live but when you read this book you will truly understand what live means and how you can overcome your challenges and how to face them .

Because this book is not just a memoir to me ; it is one of the most inspirational peice of advice . I read this book when i am struggling with my problems and i am depressed for quite a long time but after reading this book it feels like what i am doing with my life i should study because that is one of most important weapon in this world. And thats what author of this book also did.

I am very grateful for her that she shares her life with us it needs CONFIDENCE to tell about everything which happen to you from poverty to prostitution to what she is now.

This book is truly remarkable and eye opening .

please do give it a read once in your life time.