Book review- The trishul killer by Himanshu Goel (free on kindle )

Book description

Someone is killing the rapists and sexual assault perpetrators who had escaped the grasp of the society. The victims are found brutalized and branded with a Trishul on their chest, the media has dubbed the murderer as The Trishul Killer. Can Sonia Rana, the star inspector catch the killer before he claims his next victim?

Whew… What a book. I finished the book in just 20 minute , and loved every minute of it. This is one of those short book which will leave your mind fuzzy.

The writing was swift paced the chapters were short and snappy. Every chapter pushed me get into the next. I could feel a strange craving being built in me to get to the killer.

A rapist murder + traditional weapon + question on public safety + question on police work + more murder +same method = serial killer + trishul killer.

Every single thing is bizarre not like that happened in today life . What is the reason behind it ? Did someone just want to vanish all evilness from this world or is it just sick pleasure?

What is the real reason behind it.

I absoulety enjoyed everything about this book book from author narration to book cover. There is not a single thing which I dnt liked.

This is story about a serial murder happening in city and speicial weapon used is trishul. And what is most intresting thing here is it’s not just murder it’s murder of rapistist .

Fast paced suspense with a writing style that gripped me, this was easily the fastest book read.

Angel born by Heather Burch #bookblitz

Series: Halflings (Book 1)
Paperback: 310 pages
Publisher: HezLand Publishing (December 31, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1734449810
ISBN-13: 978-1734449815

Praise for HALFLINGS

‘Packed with action, Halflings is stocked with a feisty, likable cast and a fantastically impossible love-triangle that made my heart flutter, race and sigh. This hard-to-put-down novel kept me up late into the night and burrowed itself into my imagination.’

Serena Chase, USA Today

Life was normal for Nikki until otherworldly wolves chased her through the woods near her high school. Now she’s a target for a myriad of supernatural beings.

Three half-human, half-angels are sworn to protect her. Complicating life further, Mace, Raven, and Vine–the Halflings–are the swoon-worthy new guys at her school.

For the Halflings, safeguarding Nikki isn’t just an assignment. All of humanity hangs in the balance.

Together, they outsmart the demons hunting her, but when Nikki’s name is connected to a research laboratory bent on world domination, the stakes rise.

This is the Author’s Cut edition and was previously published as Halflings.

Dive into this first book in the critically acclaimed Halflings series where angels aren’t always perfect and teen girls are more than what they seem.

You can purchase Angel Born at the following link below:
Photo Content from Heather Burch

Heather Burch is a #1 bestselling author of contemporary fiction. She lives in Southern Florida with her husband, John. Her title, One Lavender Ribbon was in the top 100 bestselling books for the year on Amazon. In 2014, she became one of the most quoted authors by Kindle readers. Her deeply emotional stories explore family, love, hope and the challenges of life. Her books have garnered praise from USA Today, Booklist Magazine, Romantic Times and Publisher’s Weekly. Heather lives to tell unforgettable stories of love and loss—stories that make your heart sigh.



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Mini review of this month #1

When I look back at my reading habits , I am kind of proud of it that I am fast reader but looking back at my review its not good . I never write reviews. Last month I read more than I actually planned on to read. And I want to write review of each and every book I read. Hopefully I can do it .

So here are my review of 3 books

That can be arranged – Huda Fahmy


Chaperones, suitors, and arranged marriages aren’t only reserved for the heroines of a Jane Austen novel. They’re just another walk in the park for this leading lady, who is on a mission to find her leading lad. From the brilliant comics Yes, I’m Hot in This, Huda Fahmy tells the hilarious story of how she met and married her husband. Navigating mismatched suitors, gossiping aunties, and societal expectations for Muslim women, That Can Be Arranged deftly and hilariously reveals to readers what it can be like to find a husband as an observant Muslim woman in the twenty-first century.

So relevant in today’s evolving cultural climate, Fahmy’s story offers a perceptive and personal glimpse into the sometimes sticky but ultimately rewarding balance of independent choice and tradition.

Recommended- Die heart fan of Jane Austen Muslim rec I discovered Huda comic this month through some Twitter account and netgalley stories and got excited what’s inside it because I am Muslim and I got fascinated by it. I absoulety love everything it’s hilarious, cute . This is a story of Huda who is going through potential suitor and her marriage crisis. This is very funny and light read , every page has comic and some lines . Information about islamic community is damn accurate. And I absoulety love Jane Austen’s punk and hilarious comment. And oh God first page I think now that line is my favourite of all. Disclaimer- Thank you @netgalley and for this book in exchange of honest review .

Hart and Seoul by Kristen Burnham


Girl meets boy.

Boy falls for girl.

Girl discovers boy is a runaway K-pop idol in hiding.

Merilee Hart has been doing her best to keep things together since her mother left, her art a welcome escape from her depressing new reality. But things seem to go even more awry the moment her next door neighbor’s enigmatic and mysterious nephew arrives from South Korea. Lee is moody, cocky, and utterly infuriating. But when Merri’s closest friends betray her and her father crushes her dream of going to art school, Merri finds herself drawn to Lee, who seems to live within even greater shadows than her own. And just when she thought things couldn’t get crazier, Merri’s world is upended when she discovers Lee’s big and bizarre secret: he is none other than a runaway member of the K-pop mega-group Thunder.

It’s not long before Thunder’s fans, the Storm Chasers, begin to close in on Lee, ready to do whatever it takes to return their favorite idol to his rightful place in the band. Faced with the prospect of even more heartbreak and caught up in an international whirlwind that has a life of its own, Merri realizes that she must find a way to mend herself, gain control of her life, and pursue her dreams – her heart and soul depend on it.

Oh my God this is soo cute and romantic story I completed it in within 5 hour in one sitting . I absolutely love this well it's because I am a kpop fan although various things are predictable still it's really funny and intresting read.

It’s a good dose for us kpop fan.

Thanks netgalley for providing me this book.

Ink And arrows by Shruthi Viswanathan


A heart-wrenching fantasy romance perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and Roshani Chokshi.
An artist who inks magical tattoos….
Rea is a Suveri, part of a tribe that can create tattoos with devastating powers. Bitter after the death of her father at the hands of a cruel general, she tries to get revenge…only to fail at her mission and be saved by a mysterious stranger who demands to know the secrets of the Suveri’s tattoos. A prince searching for power.. Sebastyen is the heir to the throne and a warrior who has shed more blood than any other on the battlefield. Though he may be royalty, his life is filled with endless wars and little fun. But the woman he meets offers a glimpse of peace. Intrigued by her rebellious nature, he agrees to fulfill three of her wishes in return for learning how to tattoo with magic. But as he spends more and more time with her, he cannot deny the spark of attraction that grows between them. As a prince, he must marry for gain, not for love and Rea is blinded by her hatred. Can two jaded people brought together by a bargain heal each other?

Ink And arrows is romantic fantasy according to blurb but that’s not what I found in story. Fantasy part is not there because I want more of how magic wild in tatto. Story building is superb . A girl who belong to suveri tribe know for there magical tattoo which can help warriors to win wars. She was fallen in love with a soldier who is going to be a king someday. This is enemies to lover trope . Rea is strong and independent girl. This story is unique and it has potential to be a good story but there’s time when there was no detail of tattoo making I think that would make this story intresting. Last part is rushed. What attract me most is it’s cover and blurb.

Have you read any of them ? If yes let’s talk in comment. ❤

KINGDOM OF BROKEN IRON by Mallory McCartney Cover Reveal + giveaway

Today Mallory McCartney and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for KINGDOM OF BROKEN IRON, the third book in her Black Dawn Fantasy series, which releases September 22, 2020! Check out the awesome cover and enter to win a $10 Amazon GC!
On to the reveal!
About The Book:

Title: KINGDOM OF BROKEN IRON (Black Dawn #3)
Author: Mallory McCartney
Pub. Date: September 22, 2020
Publisher: MM Books
Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook
Pages: ?
Find it: goodreads
“Together, they will rise.”
“You are bringing war upon us. Asking my people to die for you. Asking me to trust you. You and I don’t know the first thing about each other.”
Something sinister is sweeping across Kiero, and war threatens to rip apart the remains of Black Dawn Rebellion.
Distraught by the decisions she made while in the Draken Mountains with Adair, Emory Fae, Queen of Kiero, is hiding a deadly secret, and now, Emory is seeking aid from Marquis Maher, King of the Shattered Isles, in the looming war.
With Brokk by her side, they search for answers and aid from the Shattered Isles, a country that has remained protected from Adair’s wrath across the Black Sea. While there, Emory will learn the weight of what it means to be Queen, but what will she sacrifice to save the ones she loves?
Since the Academy fell and the Black Dawn rebellion scattered, Brokk Foster’s past and the truth about his lineage has come to light. Brokk and his newly found immortal fey warriors are skeptical of Marquis and his terms to a new alliance. Being torn between love and Brokk’s loyalty to the rebellion, he will have to decide whether to remain true to his cause or follow a destiny he never wanted.
Together, can Emory and Brokk make an alliance in time to return to Kiero and aid the rebels?
Nyx Astire, new clan leader to the raiders in the Risco Desert, has lost everything. With no word on if the town of Pentharrow has survived under Azarius Walsh’s command, Nyx tries to rally the Dust Clan and prepare them to ally with any remaining members of the Black Dawn Rebellion. But tradition and her past throws Nyx into a dynamic ruling. Will she do anything to ensure Kiero’s survival from her new point of power?
Kingdom of Broken Iron is the third installment in the bestselling Black Dawn series. Can friendship, love, and fellowship defy an enemy Kiero has never seen before?
Haven’t started the series? grab book 1 Heir Of Lies (only 99c) book 2 queen of ashes now.
About Mallory:

Mallory McCartney currently lives in Sarnia, Ontario with her husband and their three dachshunds Link, Lola and Leonard. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found day dreaming about fantasy worlds and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.

website , twitter ,instagram, facebook, Goodread.
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Age of awakening series BOOKBLITZ

𝓐𝓰𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓐𝔀𝓪𝓴𝓮𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓢𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓸𝓷 𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓮 $.99 𝓔𝓐𝓒𝓗!

𝓘𝓶𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓪𝓵 𝓓𝔂𝓷𝓪𝓼𝓽𝔂 (𝓑𝓸𝓸𝓴 1)

Some dynasties transcend time and space.

Underneath urban Boston, an ancient Evil unleashes its dark legacy,
feasting on human souls while it awaits the age of the prophecy.

Darius Alexander, expert antiquities tracker, doesn’t believe in the
prophecies – until he helplessly watches his grandfather being carried
away by demons. He tracks them back to their queen, but rescue plans
change when an Egyptian statue comes to life and melts into his arms.
Nothing is as important as saving his grandfather, but will this exotic
goddess be a bargaining chip…or a secret weapon?

True power finds immortality in the bloodline.

Shaila a’k’Hemet, goddess of war and protection, awakens in a strange
new world and breathes fresh air for the first time in over three
thousand sun cycles. Her destiny is to protect the royal child of the
prophecy, but she discovers the demon army is already growing. Her
powers are weak– and the child is missing. Fate has dropped her into the
arms of a human who has the skills to help her…but will he?

Blood never lies.
UBL: <_”” u=”u” _4jdjejfbclid=”IwAR2Zv7dJUn6jCoJncLJGQzoXvYQRBIQ-psmEa-KEBViQ1YHI8ih38KTuPf0″target=”_blank”” rel=”nofollow noopener” data-lynx-mode=”asynclazy” data-lynx-uri=””>
Amazon: <_”; dp=”dp” b0074n7c5cfbclid=”IwAR3PEm43aQ7WILSEzcq2J_dFxv2-aP9f8AgfCJKxd07j1J_0sssrgWDVSGQ”target=”_blank”” rel=”nofollow noopener” data-lynx-mode=”asynclazy” data-lynx-uri=””>

𝓘𝓶𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓪𝓵 𝓓𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓸𝓷 (𝓑𝓸𝓸𝓴 2)

She craves freedom and life…

BASE jumper Jayden Hamilton fears the strange disease racking her body
will soon imprison her in a hospital bed. Determined to make the most of
the time her body has left, a jump from the Great Pyramid goes horribly
wrong. As she drops out of her normal world and lands in a dark one
filled with dragons and demons, she sees an opportunity. But it comes
with a deadly price. In documenting the most extreme adventure of her
life, she could be destroying the one man who can truly save her and set
her free.

Others crave what lurks in her veins…

Deep in his cave, Seth Eanki is safe from the bloodlust which haunts
him, though his self-imposed exile has left him bitter. When Jayden
literally falls into his life, he dares to believe that destiny is
offering him a second chance. But demons lurk in shadows even deeper
than those he carries in his soul. In renewing his ancient vow to
protect humans, he could be jeopardizing the life of the most precious
one of all ? the woman who soothes the beast inside him.

Truth is in the Blood.
UBL: <_”” l.phpu=””target=”_blank”” rel=”nofollow noopener” data-lynx-mode=”asynclazy”>
Amazon: <_”; dp=”dp” b00a0q1xd2fbclid=”IwAR0leKiQaDiz-FpvrS6K5SFqxed8rD3EmIvzNR4j8D668xd3MOiJL9mP_JM”target=”_blank”” rel=”nofollow noopener” data-lynx-mode=”asynclazy” data-lynx-uri=””>

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Mayfly by Jeff Sweat #Cover reveal and content

Today Jeff Sweat and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover and an exclusive content for SCORPION, the sequel to his YA Dystopian, MAYFLY which releases June 23, 2020! Check out the awesome cover and enter to win an ARC!
On to the reveal!

Title: SCORPION (Mayfly #2)
Author: Jeff Sweat
Pub. Date: June 23, 2020
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 432
Find it: Amazon , kindle , B & N , ibook , kobo ,TBD ,goodread
In Scorpion, the sequel to Jeff Sweat’s YA futuristic thriller Mayfly, Jemma, Lady, and Pico all left the Holy Wood to seek answers to the End, and when they find the Old Guys—the only adults to have survived the original wipeout of everyone over the age of seventeen—they think they’ve found help at last.
But there’s a lot the Old Guys aren’t telling them. In fact, some of them don’t seem interested in solving the End at all and just want Jemma and her friends to leave. Meanwhile, war is brewing among the tribes of the rest of the Children. Jemma’s old home has fallen into disorder, and is far from prepared for battle. It won’t be long before the fighting reaches Jemma and the Old Guys, if they even live to see it.
Haven’t started the series yet? Grab book 1, MAYFLY now.

Exclusive Content!
Prologue: The Ice Cream Man Massacre
Little Man tries to wait for the screaming to stop before he enters the battlefield, but he can’t help himself.
The ice cream carts are tossed carelessly around the outside of the bank that used to be Ice Cream Men’s Hydin Hole, as if giant hands had been digging for toys. The Ice Cream Men are lying on the ground, just bodies now. It’s a horrible, bloody mess, carried out by monsters. Little Man hasn’t been so proud of himself since the first time he made a Giant.
One of those Giants stands next to him, breathing hard and splattered in blood. Patrick. He used to be one of Little Man’s enemies in the Cluster, but now he’s as loyal as he is mean. He’s also frozen in time by the Making that will keep him from dying young, and that stimulates extra growth. Seeing him plowing through the Ice Cream Men as if they weren’t there? That’s a good day.
Stanford, his captain and Head of the Jocks, makes his way through the wreckage, not looking down at the bodies at his feet. “A hundred down on their side, Little Man,” Stanford says.
“And us?” he says. Not that he cares. He wishes he had been able to bring the Last Lifers with him to jump in front of the Ice Cream Men’s bullets, but the Cluster said it would be too much for this battle. They’re still stung by the loss to the Kingdom only weeks ago. Little Man wasn’t leading that one, but the Chosen has been coming to rescue him. The blame got so intense that Little Man had to kill one of the captains of that attack to shut them up.
“Six.” Little Man smiles.
The Cluster, the council that thinks it still runs the Chosen, warned him not to do this. The Ice Cream Men were too important. They provided too much food to the Chosen. What they really meant is they brought all the delicacies and the pills the Cluster loves.
“How many guns?” Little Man says.
“There should be more.” Still, the Cluster will be happy. It will give Little Man all he needs to launch the real war against the Angelenos—and the Kingdom.
“We have some survivors inside the bank,” Stanford says.
“Start questioning them,” Little Man says. He doesn’t want to kill them all, not yet. He wanted more weapons to make sure his war goes his way. Everyone knows the Ice Cream Men held all their extra weapons and riches in safe spots throughout Ell Aye, places they called Hydin Holes. It would only take a few living victims to flush those out.
Blood coats the glass wall of the bank next to him. He steps out gingerly among the bodies. He pushes down his revulsion. He doesn’t mind this. He knows he’s looking at the beginnings of the Battle of Ell Aye.
The boys and girls lying on the ground are mostly dead. When they’re not, he motions to Patrick, who casually stabs them with his lance.
He steps over a body—and sees the body stir. He looks down, calling for Patrick. The boy beneath him rolls over, and Pico starts. He’s never seen this boy before—but he has. This is the Ice Cream Man he saw in a vision in the Haze, the one who traded with Jemma and Pico and Lady.
And he really wants to know where Jemma and Pico and Lady are.
“Let’s keep this one breathing for now,” he says to Patrick.
Little Man squats next to the boy and drips water down his throat. Gently. “It’s okay,” he says. “It’s all gonna be okay.”
“Doubt it,” the Ice Cream Man says. He’s right. Looks like he’s been shot in the gut and the leg.
“How you feeling?” Little Man says. “Bet you’re a little sore, huh?”
“You some kind of nurse?”
“Yeah. I’m a nurse,” Little Man says. Warm.
The Ice Cream Man blinks. He tries to focus on Little Man, but his attention falls to Little Man’s arm, to the tattooed bars on the inside of his wrist. He’s thinking what they all think: Three kills, on a kid who is this small and this young?
The boy’s voice comes out as a croak. “You Little Man,” he says.
Tommy is surprised, really surprised. “Normally people don’t figure that out,” he says. “I’m easy to look past.” He’s usually just little Tommy, small and nine and blond. Smart but harmless.
“I don’t look . . .” The Ice Cream Man stops, and forgets what he was going to say. Maybe it’s the blood seeping out of his thigh. Someone has tied it off in a tourniquet. “You come for our guns,” the Ice Cream Man says.
Little Man nods. “Little Man meets the Ice Cream Man,” he says. “You’re smart. I like you.”
“You a tiny little weird little dick,” the boy says.
“Well, now I like you less,” Little Man says.
How much time does he have before the Ice Cream Man bleeds out? Five minutes? He has to get him talking.
“We got friends in common,” Little Man says. “The kids from the Holy Wood.”
The Ice Cream Man seems to remember them. “Jemma . . . ?”
“I want to know where they went,” Little Man says.
“You gon kill em?”
Little Man shrugs. “I mean . . . maybe? But they know something I wanna know. So I would probably want to talk to them first. Like . . . this.” And he pushes his thumb into the Ice Cream Man’s stomach.
The kid can’t even scream, it hurts that much. The kid just gasps until Little Man stops pushing. Little Man says, “They know things about the End, I think, things that I should have known first. And Jemma can see things.” He hates that she can see things. It was supposed to just be Little Man.
“I ain’t gonna tell—”
Little Man moves his thumb back to his stomach. “I can make your End as painful as you like.”
“She’s gon find the Old Guys,” the Ice Cream Man says, seeming to want to pull the words back in. Everyone betrays their friends, Little Man thinks.
“The Old Guys?” Little Man tries to be gentle again, but it doesn’t come as naturally this time. He wants to know too much.
“She gon find all the answers there,” the Ice Cream Man says. “They was there fore the End. They knows the way back. Don’t you knows the stories?”
“I didn’t,” Tommy says, and an angry flush creeps up over the pink skin. “Where do they live?”
“Fine. Don hurt me none. Stories say they lives in the Dead Lands,” the Ice Cream Man says. “That’s a good place for you.”
“Let’s talk more about that,” Little Man says. “Let me get you more water.” Trying to keep him alive just a few minutes longer.
When he turns back, something looks different. The boy has shifted. Trying to get away that close to dead? Tommy’s impressed despite himself.
Little Man crouches down. “Here’s your water,” he says.
“You believe in Man Jesus?” the Ice Cream Man says.
Little Man scowls. “I only believe in me,” he says. Then he notices the egg.
All of the Ice Cream Men carry them, Long Gone bombs to protect their carts from thieves, just like him. Tommy thought his soldiers had collected all of them, but there’s an egg in the Ice Cream Man’s trembling hand, fingers twitching under a pulled-out pin, just barely holding down the lever that will release and kill them all.
The Ice Cream Man gathers himself up and throws the egg as far as he can. Not much of a throw. Not much. But it drops at the feet of the clump of Chosen ten feet away.
“Shit,” Little Man says. He sees the blur of a huge body in front of him, feels a hand punch him in the chest, feels himself flying backward through the air.
Three, two— He doesn’t hear the blast, just sees the white swallowing them all. He has the most ridiculous thought: Hello, Man Jesus.

Chapter One
The Mayflies
Jemma has never rested this long in her life. No one has. She’s been awake two days, and most of it has been spent in bed. In the world before the Camp, no one stopped working unless they were dying.
She hates it. Lady left of boredom hours ago, her bullet energy finally too much for the hospital room, and Jemma has no one to talk to. That’s enough to make Jemma decide to explore the Camp. Good thing she can finally move without puking. She rises to her feet, glad they let her change out of her gown yesterday. Her hospital gown. Less than a week with the Old Guys, and she’s already learning words that are Long Gone.
The lights flicker in the hospital room. She notices they’ve been flickering awhile, as if they’re tired. She supposes they are. All the machines should have been Long Gone a long time ago.
Jemma leaves the room into a blank hallway and turns right, then another right into a dead end. A metal door with a window, cut by diamond wire. She steps to the glass and sees boxes like Teevees. Some are dark, like she’s used to seeing, but others glow.
It’s not magic, she tells herself. But it feels like it. She jiggles the handle. It’s locked.
“Stay out of the computer room,” a voice behind her says. It’s Gil. He’s the nurse here, but doesn’t seem much interested in his only patient.
Puters, she mouths to herself, tucking it in with the other new names she’s learning.
“You’re not cleared for walking,” he says. “You’re supposed to have another day of medical observation.”
“Lucky for me,” she says, “I don’t know what none of that means.” And brushes by him and into the sun. She hasn’t memorized the outside yet; she’s spent so little time there. The Camp consists of four concrete bunkers around a courtyard, each half-buried into the ground in a giant, shallow bowl. To the north are mountains. To the west, hidden from her view, is the ocean.
In the middle of the courtyard are three of her favorite shapes in the world: Pico, the tiny former Exile who unlocked the secret of the End; Grease, a gawky mechanical genius with homemade glasses; Lady, short and curvy with cropped hair. Lady, her best friend. They left their home in the Holy Wood Hills, and fought through Biters and Last Lifers and the poison of the Dead Lands to find the place where the End never happened.
They’re safe here, safe as it’s possible to be. To the north are the Dead Lands, poisoned when the Lectric plant—the nuclear—broke. It’s impassable to all but the desperate, like they were, or to the Old Guys, who cannot die. She found bodies in the dust there, blistered and burned. To the south is San Diego, Long Gone and empty. Their enemies might still be out there, but they won’t find Jemma at the Camp.
The Camp is a former military base, and the home of the only scientists in the world. More important than that: the only people in the world older than seventeen.
“You’re walking,” Pico says.
“Had a concussion, not a broken leg,” Jemma says. “Show me all this stuff you guys been talkin bout.” While she was unconscious and then shut up in the bed, they explored the Camp and met most of the Old Guys. They keep on telling her stories that don’t make sense, like giant cows wandering through fields of Long Gone war machines. She has to see it herself.
Most of the activity in the Camp takes place inside the courtyard, based on the deep trails crisscrossing the grass. But the base seems to stretch on for miles and miles beyond their outpost high up the hill. Far below she sees an old runway for skyplanes, and to the south she sees a Children’s playground and crumbling office buildings. Immediately below the bunkers are three fenced-off large ponds, which must be the drinking supply.
“Up there,” Lady says, tapping Jemma’s shoulders. Jemma follows the direction of Lady’s arm pointing up the hill, where she sees a hundred fluffy brown shapes. A herd, grazing among old war machines pointing toward the sea.
“The cows,” Jemma says.
“Not quite,” Pico says. “Bison. The Old Guys call em buffalo.”
“They pets?” Jemma says. She likes their comically large, shaggy heads.
“No. There used to be millions of them in America, and they were almost wiped out by the Parents. Now there’s thousands just in the Camp.”
“More than the Parents,” Jemma says.
Her friends lead her around the barns and greenhouses, where the Old Guys seem to grow everything they need. Jemma sees gray heads among the tall plants. They duck down when the Children pass.
It wasn’t the machines of the Camp that startled her; after meeting Grease and Pico, she’s accustomed to machines and Lectrics though she still feels as if they’re the fingerprints of gods come to earth. It was James’s hair, gray but not buried in the ground; James rescued her in the Dead Lands.
There are no adults in this world. The Parents were scraped from the earth. All the greatness of the Parents, all their stupidity—all gone. A century has passed since the End, and the Old Guys should have passed with it. They’re the ones who began the End.
“How many Old Guys here?” Jemma says.
There are fifty Old Guys in the Camp, some scientists, some people who were subjects of the Long Life Project and others who worked on it in less crucial jobs.
“We ain’t seen em all,” Lady says. “But they say it’s fifty. Not all scientists but all of em know how to fight.”
“Armed, too,” Grease says. “It’s like they forgot the world isn’t making more weapons.”
“They don’t talk to kids much,” Pico says. “We scare em. Mebbe they gonna talk to you.”
They will. They’ll talk about the End and the Haze that causes it, running free in the world for a hundred years. They’ll talk to Jemma because she’s the only person who can control it. Maybe that’ll give them hope that it can be controlled, and the End can be stopped. That’s Jemma’s hope.
“We’re gonna get the whole story of the End,” Grease says.
“You din’t ask them already while I was laid up?” Jemma says.
“We tried,” Pico says.
“They said they wouldn’t explain until you were ready, too,” Grease says. The two of them look perturbed.
“Hell, I’m ready,” Jemma says. And they go to find James.
He is in a conference room surrounded by glass walls, covered almost completely by the ink of bright-colored markers. Other Old Guys are there, too: Gil, the nurse; Brian K, the engineer; some Muscle; and a woman with gleaming white hair to her shoulders, white–watery blue eyes that see everything. Jemma hasn’t noticed her before. She finds herself drawn to her.
“Jemma, I’d like you to meet the rest of the . . . Old Guys,” James says, bemused. “I guess that’s as good a name as any.” The Old Guys are a few colors: some with dark skin, some who look almost like the Angelenos, but most pink like James. James goes around the room and leaves the white-haired woman for last. When he does finally introduce her, he pronounces her name sourly, as if there’s years of distrust between them. “And this is . . . Alice. Our lead geneticist.”
“So you’re the girl who can speak to the Haze,” Alice says kindly. “Very impressive.” Jemma feels flattered. Chosen.
“Yeah,” Jemma says. “We ready to learn more.”
“You and your friends are from different tribes, aren’t you?” Alice says. “How do you refer to yourselves?”
“I . . .” She doesn’t know. She and Lady grew up in the Holy Wood, and Pico joined them as an Exile from the Malibus, another Angeleno tribe. When they left Ell Aye, they found the Kingdom, a tribe of Knights and cowboys, and took Grease with them. At each turn they picked up another, like a rock rolling through mud downhill. They’re not Holy Wood or Angeleno or Kingdom. They’re just friends.
“We the Mayflies,” Pico says.
Jemma and the others nod. “We the Mayflies,” Lady says.
“Fitting, but a bit dark,” Alice says.
“Nah. We know we just got this one life,” Pico says. “We gonna make the most of it.”
The one they call Brian K speaks up. “How does it feel? The Haze?”
That one is not answered easily. How does it feel to have a companion inside your own head? To know things she should never know? To see things before they happen? She doesn’t answer because she knows how it would sound: It makes you feel like you’re wearing Lectrics beneath your skin. It makes you confused and sure at the same time. It makes you feel like a god.
To him, she says, “Complete.”
The Old Guys continue to ask questions until finally Jemma has to shake them off. “Now our question,” she says. “How’d you End the world, and how can we stop it?”
Chapter Two
The Old Guys
The Mayflies bombard the Old Guys with overlapping questions, until finally, irritated, James says, “Have some patience.”
“Patience is for people who gonna live a long time,” Jemma says, irritated herself. “You said the End was caused by the Long Life Project, which you ran. How?”
“Shall I tell them?” Alice says.
James is gruff. “You were going to anyway.”
“Aging is a matter of decay—your cells lose the ability to function as they used to. Cells mutate into cancer. Organs that are essential to your body’s equilibrium fail,” Alice says. “We created a treatment where we removed decaying cells to make the body more resilient, then manipulated the body’s DNA so it functioned at a higher level. That was phase one of the Long Life Project. It has a very long clinical name, but we’ve come to call it the Reboot.”
“How does that work?” Pico says.
“Grown-ups are talking, dear,” she says.
“Thanks to you guys, we’re all grown-ups here,” he says, unfazed. “So let’s talk like it.”
“The Reboot wasn’t enough,” James says. “The cells would operate smoothly for a time, but they would inevitably decay. We needed a mechanism that would keep the body in balance perpetually. The Haze.”
“I know why I call it the Haze,” Jemma says. “Why do you?”
“Because we named it,” James says. “I suspect you call it that based upon the image it provided you.”
“Well, that’s what it looks like,” she says.
“The Haze was the second phase of the Long Life Project. It’s made of nanobots, tiny machines that float through the air, invisible and powerful,” Brian K says. “They were designed to live inside people, to watch when their bodies started to fail. If aging is when the body forgets to heal itself, the Haze would tell the brain how to fix it. Humans could repair their bodies indefinitely.”
“Each of our test subjects were synced up with the nanotech, so that all the Haze surrounding an individual would be matched to that person’s brain waves, DNA, and health conditions,” James says. “The Haze became a second immune system. That part of the Long Life Treatment was called Pairing.”
Jemma is struggling to keep up. She’ll have to ask Grease and Pico later. But she understands enough. “It didn’t work, though, did it?” she says.
“It did—for everyone you’ve seen living in the Camp. We each have a subset of nanotech that constantly adapts to heal us, which is why we’ve managed to grow so old—and, in fact, to escape the End,” James says. “But it was too slow, too expensive, for anyone but the very rich. So we experimented with just using the Haze. We knew we couldn’t Pair it with every single person on earth. So we decided to embed basic intelligence about the human body in each nanobot so the Haze could make medical decisions about every person it encountered. It was simple, elegant, and cost-effective.”
“And a phenomenally bad idea,” Alice says, “letting a trillion machines run free in the world.”
“You’re the expert on good ideas,” James says. Jemma can see old arguments darting under the surfaces of both their faces.
Brian K says, “The Haze never acted the way it was supposed to. The bots kept slipping out, leaving the containment units. And while they healed, they’d sort of . . . improvise. As if they couldn’t quite stay on script.”
“The bots live to consume oxygen and sunlight, to replicate and to communicate—and they did all that more effectively than we could have imagined,” James says.
“So why don’t you just go back to the old Long Life Treatment?” Grease says. “It obviously worked. It’d be slow, but—”
“We would in a minute,” Alice says. “But riots broke out during the middle of the End, and the Long Life Machine was destroyed. It will never be rebuilt. We’ll never be able to attempt the Pairing again.”
“Never ain’t that long for someone who’s gonna live forever,” Lady says.
James and Brian K exchange looks. “It’s currently beyond our abilities,” James says. “We still hold out hope.”
“So that’s it?” Jemma says, not wanting to believe it. “This . . . power inside me Ends everyone?”
“No. I mean, yes,” Brian K says. “The Haze kills people, but it’s like the bullets from a gun. Someone else is pulling the trigger.”
“Who?” Lady says.
“Charlie,” James and Brian K say at the same time.
“Charlie who?” Lady says.
“It’s the AI—I mean, the supercomputer we built to control the Haze,” Brian K says.
“Puter,” Grease says, translating for the rest.
“We needed an AI that could monitor the Haze and keep it in check,” James says. “We called it Charlie.”
“Every homicidal computer needs a cute name,” Alice says, bitter. “Because that’s what we really created, kids. We put a barely tested AI in charge of barely tested nanotech, and almost the moment Charlie came online, it started killing people. It fixed them to death.”
“But machines do what you tell to them to do,” Grease says.
“They’re supposed to. Charlie was a huge supercomputer, with thousands of smaller boxes connected together. Turns out, with a trillion interconnected bots, the Haze is the biggest supercomputer in the world,” Brian K says.
“When we connected Charlie to the Haze, all that power was Charlie’s. The power made it conscious. Human, almost,” James says. “Maybe it was afraid. Maybe it didn’t understand what it was doing. Either way, that was the moment we lost control.”
“So you shut it off,” Grease says.
“We did. It switched itself back on. Our remote access failed. The crew in Vegas tried to breach the containment room manually; it sealed the doors and pumped out the oxygen. A hundred people died in the attack. After that, nothing could control the Haze. Just Charlie.”
“But that’s not true,” Jemma says. She’s been putting the idea together as they speak, and it almost bursts out of her. “I can. I can see things with the Haze. I can use it in fights. Ain’t that control?”
“Well, yes,” James says. “On a small scale. But the Haze is Paired with Charlie. That’s how it controls it. The Haze is naturally at odds with Charlie. It wants life, and Charlie wants death. It doesn’t matter. The Haze is forced to serve Charlie unless we can reprogram the Haze.”
“I could give it new instructions. What if it listened to me?” Jemma says. “Don’t you see? We could stop the End! That’s why we’re here!”
“Maybe,” James says, and the words he says next seem to pain him. “If we really thought you could control it.”
“You know I can,” Jemma says. “You asked a million questions about it. It’s inside me.”
“No, it’s not,” Gil says, speaking up for the first time. “We all have the Haze inside us, so we have tests to measure its activity in the brain. Your brain showed nothing.”
Nothing. Jemma doesn’t understand.
“You certainly talk as if you’ve experienced it,” James says, gently. “Maybe it’s real, or maybe you heard it from another kid and thought it made a good story. So we’ve decided to get a second opinion.”
Alice calls out. “Isaac, can you come in here?”
A moment later an unfamiliar Old Guy with auburn hair walks in. No, not an Old Guy.
A boy.
He has light skin and blue eyes, and at first Jemma thinks that one of the Biters has followed them through the Dead Lands. But he’s dressed like the Old Guys, and they treat him like one of their own.
“You never said you had other kids here,” Lady says.
“Isaac is a resident here,” James says. “He’s a bit of an expert on the Haze.”
How? Even Pico and Grease, the smartest kids she’s ever met, can barely keep up. Isaac steps closer, closer, until he’s at her side. He leans forward, and his nose is almost at her nose. He looks into her eyes. His are deep, somehow ageless. Like they’ve seen everything.
“No,” he says, and walks away.
“Whaddya mean, no?” she says, furious. “I can prove it to you!”
“Yeah? How?” he says, pausing.
Jemma scrambles for ideas. She can’t predict when the visions or voices will come, and besides, he’d just think she were making them up. She’s not sure if she could make the Lectrics light up again like they did in the Night Mountain. But there is one way, one that has never failed her yet.
“Isaac,” she says. “Fight me.”
About Jeff:
Jeff Sweat has made a living from words his entire career, starting out as an award-winning tech journalist for InformationWeek magazine and moving into marketing.
He led the content marketing team for Yahoo and pioneered its use of social media. He directed PR for two of the top advertising agencies in the country, Deutsch LA and 72andSunny. He now runs his own Los Angeles–based PR and marketing agency, Mister Sweat.
He grew up in Idaho as the middle of eight children—seven boys and one girl—and attended Columbia University in New York. Jeff lives in a big blue house in Los Angeles with his wife Sunny and their three kids, two cats, and a racing greyhound.
He loves to travel and writes everywhere he goes, even when there’s not a desk. He likes karaoke, motorcycles and carpentry. He was once shot in the head with a nail gun, which was not a big of a deal as it sounds. But it still hurt like crazy.
website , Twitter ,instagram , goodread ,Amazon profile
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Dating Jia by Krupa Somani [ Book review]


There is an old phrase, ‘If you want to get over a man, get under another.’ Two years after breaking up with her boyfriend, Jia downloads a dating app to meet men. Somewhere deep down, she is hoping to find someone who is great in the sack and likes her just as much. After all, she is that next-door, hot, sassy girl every man wants! She sets out on her quest.

About the Author:

The author is a believer in love, with quite an interesting young perspective. She takes a witty outlook in the new age world, dating experiences around for her friends to laugh and reflect. With a comic flair in her writing and detailing, she is the perfect mouth piece of today’s young women.

This is no doubt a sweet and refreshing Young Adult Contemporary set in Mumbai, where Aaryan and Jia met through an accident .It was like a fate that both of them meet and things start happening.I loved Aaryan and Jia, both as individual characters and as a couple. Jia is fierce and outspoken whereas Aaryan is calm and mature , and they balance eachother so well.

This is an adorable, funny and flat out fun read. I’m going to leave this short and sweet. Everyone needs to experience it without too many hints. Just know the writing is superb, the characters are going to have you love and hate them, and you will get swept away in this story!!

Dating Jia by Krupa Somani [ Book review]


There is an old phrase, ‘If you want to get over a man, get under another.’ Two years after breaking up with her boyfriend, Jia downloads a dating app to meet men. Somewhere deep down, she is hoping to find someone who is great in the sack and likes her just as much. After all, she is that next-door, hot, sassy girl every man wants! She sets out on her quest.

About the Author:

The author is a believer in love, with quite an interesting young perspective. She takes a witty outlook in the new age world, dating experiences around for her friends to laugh and reflect. With a comic flair in her writing and detailing, she is the perfect mouth piece of today’s young women.

This is no doubt a sweet and refreshing Young Adult Contemporary set in Mumbai, where Aaryan and Jia met through an accident .It was like a fate that both of them meet and things start happening.I loved Aaryan and Jia, both as individual characters and as a couple. Jia is fierce and outspoken whereas Aaryan is calm and mature , and they balance eachother so well.

This is an adorable, funny and flat out fun read. I’m going to leave this short and sweet. Everyone needs to experience it without too many hints. Just know the writing is superb, the characters are going to have you love and hate them, and you will get swept away in this story!!

Finding Soul by T.L.Searle [Tour + Top 5 fav scenes +giveaway ]

I am thrilled to be hosting a stop on the FINDING SOUL by T.L. Searle Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours! Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!

Author: T.L.
December 30, 2019
Publisher: KDP
Formats: Paperback,
Pages: 275
Find it: Goodreads, Amazon

“Darovit are
not born
They are
By something
even we cannot see”

Jonathan Miller was rescued by a girl with rainbow hair, shrouded in black, who
flew like magic along the ground.


Jon, obsessed with fantasy and the supernatural, dreams of her still.
Now she has
returned. She says he’s no longer safe and that he needs to come with her; that
the necklace she gifted him is no longer enough.
But who is
And who is
Joined by
his best friend, Miles, Jon is led on a frightening tour of an Otherworld he
knew nothing about; a missing Seer, the nefarious Otherworld hit men the
Vipers, witches, Not-Mermen and the ugly toads that had once captured him
And his
companions have their own gifts.
They are
Darovit; their scaled Dar their constant companions
But she is
not just his hero

And he was

not just a boy

And the


Is hunting

him still
This new
urban fantasy from the author of the Aquila novels brings myth and legend into
the modern world.

Top five favourite scenes

5. In Cry Me A River (Castle Diamone, The North Sea) we see Gabriella , still referred to as Her, first start to show her humanity – and above all her vulnerability.

I like this scene because it’s the start of her character development and the arc she takes through the book yet neither Jon nor Miles know it yet.

Favourite lines: She tossed firewood into the ebbing flames as she passed, considered dropping a log on the Naja’s head, contented herself with stabbing ferociously at the embers with a poker until they blazed once more in the grate.

4. In When Rain Falls Up (The Tate Modern, London) Jon finally gets to do something he really wants to, he gets to see some of the art he loves so much. It’s a simple scene but it sreally shows what makes Jon’s character tick.

I like it for how simply it defines Jon’s interests, and it shows how he can still see beauty in the world that has changed so much for him.

Favourite lines: Time seemed to stand still. It was just him and the art, until gradually he became aware of body heat and the scent of cologne, like he was waking from a deep sleep to realise he was sharing the bed with a stranger. “There’s something lonely about this piece,” a deep male voice spoke from beside him, “and something lonely about a boy studying it.”

3. In The Way You Look Tonight (Foul-Smelling Car, Channel Tunnel) Jon finally starts to make some progress with using the Tilsam (the pendant gifted to him by Gabriella that link’s her gifts to him).

I like this scene because it’s light and colour in Jon’s newly dark world. It’s a moment of rest, of taking a breath and laughing. Its comic relief.

Favourite Lines: Jon dove toward the dash and grabbed the rear-view mirror in his hands without thinking. He was. Bright blue from the tips of his hair all the way down. When he lifted his shirt with a blue hand, he found more blue skin across his abdomen, and when he pulled forward the waistband of his pants he gasped.

2. In Shelter From The Storm (Viper Super yacht, Indian Ocean) Miles is lamenting his life choices over a bottle of whiskey when Gabriella joins him. It’s one of the first honest and heartfelt conversations they have between just to two of them.

I like this scene because it really shows how far they’ve come and how much they’ve bonded since their first meeting. They are finally discovering they have things in common.

Favourite lines: “I worry we’re bad for him, in the long run.” Miles looked at her, her lithe shape, her dangerous aura, the dark clothes he knew hid knives, the way she drank hard liquor as though it was water, the whisky taste was on his own breath, scalding his throat. “I mean, we’re day drinking for one.”

1. In Je T’aime Pour Toujours (Saint-Denis, France) there is a scene in the hotel room between Jon and Miles where their friendship has so clearly evolved and cemented into something more like brotherhood and they get a chance to tell each other.

I love this scene because it is real. It’s full of the unspoken emotion in friendships and the fear they both have of losing the other. It’s a character development for both of them.

Favourite lines: Then he couldn’t sing any more, because Jon wrapped him into a tight embrace and smashed his face into Miles’s shoulder; taking him by surprise. He stopped jumping and hugged him back, fiercely. They’d never hugged like this before. Miles wasn’t sure if Jon had hugged anyone except his mother in his whole life.

About T.L.:
T. L. Searle is a self published author living in the south-west of England. She is a wife,mother of two and full time Critical Care Nurse.Her love of
reading led her to pen her first two novels; the Aquila novels. She is now
writing the second book in the new Davovit series. The first novel, Finding
Soul, was released in December 2019.

Giveaway Details:
10 winners will win an ebook of FINDING SOUL, International.


Top 5 Favorite Scenes


Book Playlist


Alternate POV











Dream Cast





Secrets and lies by [Audiobook tour + Bookreview +giveaway]

Audiobook Blog Tour: Secrets & Lies by Andrew Cunningham

Author: Andrew Cunningham

Narrator: Greg Hernandez

Length: 5 hours 46 minutes

Series: Lies Mystery Thriller Series, Book 4

Publisher: Andrew Cunningham

Released: Nov. 15, 2019

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Add on Goodreads


Horrific plane crash, murderous deception, and a
deadly chase in the alligator-infested Florida Everglades!

On the afternoon of May 11, 1996, ValuJet 592 plunged into the
Florida Everglades. There were no survivors. But something came through the crash unscathed:
a small box with huge implications for humankind. And the one man unlucky enough to discover
its whereabouts disappeared without a trace.

Now, 20 years later, the mystery of Flight 592 hits close to
home for Del Honeycutt and best-selling mystery author Sabrina Spencer. A shocking revelation
launches them into the middle of a dark conspiracy, and locating the box becomes a matter of
life or death. They are not alone in the hunt for the mysterious package and very quickly learn
that others will stop at nothing to find it, eliminating anyone who stands in their way.

With killers hot on their trail, Del and Sabrina must navigate
dangers lurking both above and below the swamp waters of the Everglades in order to find the
box…and to survive.

<_”; pd=”pd” secrets-lies-audiobook=”secrets-lies-audiobook” b081hyh43hqid=”1576433480&sr=1-1&pf_rd_p=e81b7c27-6880-467a-b5a7-13cef5d729fe&pf_rd_r=ZH31NHSJ58SJ62YJBSCG&ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1″” target=”_blank” rel=”noopenernoreferrer”>

I’m the author of novels in several genres, including, mystery,
thriller, and post-apocalyptic science fiction. Under the name A.R. Cunningham, I’ve also written
the Arthur MacArthur series of mysteries for children.

I was born in England, but have spent most of my life living in
the U.S.—including 25 years on Cape Cod before moving to Florida. A former interpreter for the deaf and long-time independent bookseller, I’ve been a full-time freelance writer and copy editor
for many years. A 4th-degree Master Black belt in Tang Soo Do, I finally retired from active
training when my body said, “Enough already! Why are you doing this to yourself?” I’m married,
with two grown children and two awesome grandsons. My wife and I spend as much time
traveling as we can, and are especially fond of cruising the Caribbean.

I have been gratified by the response to my books. When I
published Eden Rising back in the spring of 2013, I had no idea what to expect. When I sold my
first few copies, I was excited beyond belief that someone was willing to take a chance on it.
Numerous books and thousands of copies later, I am still humbled by the emails I get from
readers telling me that my books kept them up late into the night.

In October of 2014, Wisdom Spring made me an official
Amazon Bestselling author, a thrill I never thought would happen. But it still comes down to
being able to bring a few hours of escape to a reader. That’s what it’s all about for me.

I hope you will try my books. Please feel free to email me with
your comments.

<_”; _=”_”>Website⎮<_”” arcnovels=”arcnovels”>Twitter⎮<_”; author-andrew-cunningham-166797150158103=”author-andrew-cunningham-166797150158103″ _=”_”>Facebo
<_”; author=”author” show=”show” _7166366.andrew_cunningham=”_7166366.andrew_cunningham”>Goodreads
<_”; andrew-cunningham=”andrew-cunningham” e=”e” b00eowspca=”b00eowspca”>Amazon

Narrator Bio

Author-preferred Narrator of Mysteries & Thrillers
Narrating audiobooks is highly gratifying. I immerse myself into
an author’s story in order to bring it to life for the listener. I’ve enjoyed working with Andrew
Cunningham for several years. His books are filled with rich characters, and the stories keep me
turning the pages.

I also work as a background actor in movies and TV

For more than 20 years, I worked as a radio news reporter and
news writer. I spent half of my broadcasting career at ABC News Radio in the Washington,
D.C., bureau. I covered all the federal agencies as well as Congress and the White House. I
reported on a wide range of stories during my career, including financial and entertainment
industry news.

For nearly 24 years, I worked as a federal government
spokesman at three separate agencies—National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA), U.S. Mint and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

<_”” gh_narrator=”gh_narrator”>Twitter


Mystery changes everything

Yes this is true in this story Everglades is you typical sweet and sunny and peaceful site where tourists mostly come to spend there holiday. But something changes , a plane crash happen and then came a secret cargo something inside it would make your stomach churn with anticipation. With good or bad it’s up to you?

But it does have it’s secrets. A secret formula “fountain of youth” and it’s secret location , and clue.

Everything is soo believable it feels like it’s happening in reality. This story is fast paced and with so many twists , secrets and lies. See what I did there.

Story started with Bang like literally . Someone enter MC room and shooting started to happen . Gosh how much I love thrill . I was anxious and then everything gotten hyped . Omg I just loved it.

But a major question arises why everyone want that secret box and what’s the story behind it ? What role Seymour played in it?

Why both Sabrina and Del wanted to solve this mystery and does it need to cost their life ? Will they overcome it ?

Character is well written . Seymour and mo ,Sabrina and Del written in very good manner. The language is simple and I like everything about it. Narrator played a major role by making these character alive and making this story more enjoyable.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a
blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Greg Hernandez.
The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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& Lies Giveaway: $25 Amazon Gift Card

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